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conduction, convection and radiation

by:Teesso     2019-09-10
Reduce heat transfer-the heat of the house is lost from gaps around the roof, windows, walls, floors and doors and windows of the building.
However, there are ways to reduce these losses.
Take a look at this hot picture of the house.
The roof and windows are the hottest, indicating that the house has lost most of its heat through these parts.
The heat map of the house showing the heat loss area transfers from home through walls, floors, roofs and windows.
It also transfers from home through convection.
For example, cold air can enter the house through the gap between doors and windows, and convection current can pass the heat energy in the attic to the roof tile.
Heat also left the house through radiation.
Through walls, roofs and windows.
There are several different ways to reduce heat loss by reducing heat loss: Simple ways to reduce heat loss include installing carpets, curtains and ventilation equipment.
Reflective foil can even be installed on walls or walls.
The use of double glazing can reduce the loss of heat through the window.
These special windows have air or vacuum between the two pieces of glass.
If there is a vacuum in the double glazing, there will be no conduction or convection.
If the double glazing is made of air between the glass, then the convection is minimized because the space for air movement is small.
Air is a bad conductor, so there is very little heat loss through conduction.
The use of cavity wall insulation can reduce the heat loss through the wall.
This includes blowing the insulation into the gap between the brick and the inner wall.
The insulating material is a bad conductor, thus reducing the loss of heat through conduction.
This material can also prevent the air from circulating in the cavity, thus reducing the heat loss caused by convection.
Laying the attic insulation can reduce the heat loss of the roof.
This is similar to cavity wall insulation.
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