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comment: \'just wear the dress\' - what happens when you force a girl into a school uniform

by:Teesso     2019-08-29
Most of us want to forget the previous school photos.
The quarrel about who is the highest and shortest and has to stand by the classmates who are not real partners --
Then have to smile.
Somehow, years later, we finally laughed at the pictures.
Despite the tears of being teased at the time, my kindergarten braids are now hilarious.
But a school photo day in 1993 broke my heart.
I went to a public school in west Sydney when the school just allowed girls to wear shorts.
We are allowed to wear them to school, but for \"formal\" occasions such as excursions and class photos, we need uniform clothing.
So for many parents, this means that your daughter will wear a few skirts a year.
Shorts are much more practical.
You can run around during lunch time, provided you wear your messy Legion hat (
\"No hat, no play \")
Instead of worrying about flashing your underwear.
When it comes to class photos for 1993 days, I was very excited to put on my skirt.
It feels a little fancy, at least 10-year-
I was allowed to wear my long hair out one day of the year (
Bless my mother so wary of lice.
But a girl in my class was not at all excited about having to wear a dress-she was frightened.
I can see from her face.
She was the tallest in our class-boy or girl-she cut short hair-shorter than some of the boys in our class-she was interested in most people and other girls thought she was \"weird \"-- she\'s a smart girl, I remember.
On one occasion, during the invasion of a group of travel Science speakers, a speaker mistaken her for a boy.
I can still hear snisni from the crowd.
On the day of taking pictures in class, she followed the rules and appeared in uniform.
But by lunch time I saw her walk into the toilet in shorts and polo shirts.
I don\'t understand why someone is putting so much effort-\"just wear this dress,\" I think, \"We all wear one for only one day.
\"I just didn\'t get it.
Today, 23 years later, my heart is open to her.
Having to wear a dress in order to be uncomfortable, once you are allowed, you will bring a pair of spare clothes to change, which must be painful.
When I looked at ABC\'s Q & A special: between the dress and the hard ground, she remembered.
When the group discussed some of the issues that transgender people faced, I remembered my fifth year classmate and finally understood why she felt so uncomfortable wearing that dress.
So when 2016 students at New Town performing arts high school win the right to wear a girl or boy uniform, I really understand, regardless of their gender.
For some of you looking outside, it seems like a \"quirky\" idea, but for a child who feels very uncomfortable being forced to wear a skirt or shorts, this rule changes the behavior of acceptance and may have a huge impact on their lives.
After all, learning is not the whole purpose of the school, and what better way to understand the world than to share each other\'s life experiences.
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