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Tim McGraw\'s profile, November 8, 2003
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Actor Russell Crowe: come down!
All hands down! (END VIDEO CLIP)
Announcer: Next is the character in the news. He is a rough Australian and one of the leading figures in Hollywood. (
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Director Ron Howard: He\'s a rock singer.
He\'s a racing driver.
He\'s also an artist. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Announcer: an athlete who was outstanding in high school, he had an early dream of becoming a rock star. (
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Mary O\'Neill, senior editor of the People magazine: he named himself Las leruk. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, marriage, a baby, and a shocking movie that everyone is talking about. (
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People magazine film critic Leah Rosen: Master and Commander is one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season. (END VIDEO CLIP)
ANNOUNCER: The Life of Russell Crowe, the owner and commander of Hollywood. Then. . . (
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Musician Tim McGraw: my white t-shirt. . . (END VIDEO CLIP)
Announcer: He\'s a handsome guy on the country list.
Musician reba mcentire: he is a great singer.
Good stage performance. It all works. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Royal members of the king of country music. (
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Writer Jim JeromeAT-
Big People magazine: once he\'s tied to faith in the mid-90 s, you can\'t stop them.
I mean, it\'s just a great story. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Announcer: he grew up in the state of Luis Anna with a family secret and a big player in it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Sandy Howard, sister: It was a tough time for all of us. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Announcer: he dropped out of college to pursue his dream in the city of music. (
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Friend Lance Butler: I laughed at Tim when he told me he was moving to Nashville. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now he is one of the biggest stars in the country. (
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I got it.
I can\'t imagine a better life. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Let\'s go. on-
One of Tim McGraw\'s
Their story is now in the news figures.
Paula Zane, host: Hi.
Welcome the people in the news.
I\'m Paula Zahn.
Russell Crowe is a tough guy in Hollywood. screen and off. He\'s an Oscar-
Some award-winning actors
Time musicians and tabloid regulars
He is also lucky, lucky in love, playing Lucky Jack Aubrie in Master and Commander: The other side of the world.
\"When Croy goes to the sea, we see his career, his intensity, and the surprising changes in his life.
This is Bill Heimer. (Start Video)
Bill Heimer, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
Russell Crowe can\'t miss it.
Since his 1995 Hollywood debut, \"dead and alive,\" he has been nominated for not two or three Oscars.
Congratulate you, Russell!
He won an Oscar for \"Gladiator\" in 2001.
\"Now, on November 14, the Master and Commander and the epic characters are on the theater, which may have him voting again.
CROWE: You know, at the end of the shoot, I thought the creation of community and community spirit was fantastic.
I\'m pretty sure if this is what we can get, I\'ll have some volunteers jump on board and go anywhere.
The film, set in the 19 th century, tells the story of British Navy Captain Jack Aubury\'s adventures on the high seas.
This is a pure swing movie theater, which is very lively.
CROWE: Fire!
Rosen: Master and Commander is one of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season.
It\'s the best based on the entire seriesselling books.
They have a huge fan base and they are crazy to see it.
I mean, if you think the people in Lord of the rings are fanatics, wait until you see all the people who have read Patrick O\'Brien\'s novels.
I mean, they care about these books.
Crowe: can you go out to sea?
Man: Yes.
Then you have (UNINTELLIGIBLE).
He\'s in Hollywood-
List, $20 million per picture.
Chloe: there is no moment to lose.
HEMMER: but over the years, it seems that Australian imports are not interested in this concern.
Croy: It\'s funny, it\'s flattering, and stuff like that, but frankly, you know, I have one, you know, you know, just spread it a little bit.
I don\'t need it.
I don\'t need another one.
O\'Neill: he\'s not in line with Hollywood\'s stereotype of how movie stars should be.
Unidentified male: You must feel a little uncomfortable.
Crowe: a little.
O\'Neal: when he is at the awards ceremony, he will definitely look very clever.
Heimer: The awards ceremony, the press conference, you name it.
CROWE: My job is not to get praise or awards.
So you can put your cynicism, you can put it where the sun doesn\'t shine.
Cynthia Sands, senior editor of People magazine: You think Russell Croy is that kind of party boy.
I mean, he\'s not that sensitive.
You think he\'s tough and can fight, but I think he\'s really romantic in his heart.
Russell Crowe, romantic?
You bet, from the headlines of last spring.
Man: Sir. and Mrs. Crowe.
Heimer: on April 7, 2003, after 39 years of single life, Chloe married his longtime girlfriend on Danielle Spencer\'s birthday.
The intimate ceremony was held on his Australian ranch, and as 100 guests watched the infamous bad boy, he shed more than a few tears.
SANZ: Really, the most touching part of the ceremony was halfway through the way he read the oath.
Russell was really excited.
I mean, he\'s very excited about it and he has to start over.
Homer: Russell Crowe seems to be as complicated as his role on the screen.
Howard: He\'s a very interesting paradox because he\'s a rough guy. and-
He\'s really--
He is a rock singer. He is a motorcyclist. He has a farm.
He loves his farm.
He\'s also an artist.
He\'s an interesting mix, and I think that\'s probably why he\'s so charming.
Russell Ella Croy made his debut at Strathmore Park in New Zealand on April 7, 1964.
You can say he was born in the entertainment business.
His parents were film suppliers and his grandfather was a photographer during World War II.
Russell\'s family moved to Sydney, Australia, when he was 4 years old. In two years, he made his debut in the TV series \"Spyforce.
Biographer tim ewbank: he was wandering through those TV and movies when he was very young, he lost all his fears and he saw how it worked.
He would walk behind the door and see that there was nothing there.
Homer: Russell didn\'t have it at Sydney Boys High School
On cricket and rugby, the attitude of fear helped him, but his talent to imitate others made him notice.
I think I watched TV too many times when I was a child.
We have a lot of things like American TV.
So, you know, I used to imitate-
Or do not imitate, but, you know, imitate people\'s accents.
His ears are great and he can imitate most people even now.
I\'m talking to the BBC. It\'s great.
Now move your hand over.
Now, move your hand over there.
Hello, how are you?
Hemer: The family returned to New Zealand on 1978.
Russell was 14 years old.
Aside from acting, he picked up a guitar and got a new name.
When he was a teenager, Russell formed a band.
He gave himself the name Russ le Roq.
Hair like this, big hair of Elvis Presley, really bad clothes.
He wrote his own song, one of which was called \"I want to be like Malone Brando \".
\"Hemer: Las leruk will soon drop out of high school to pursue his pop star dream.
But when his single soared to the bottom of the charts, he accepted the Rocky Horror Picture Show, acting as a doctorFrank N.
Forte and Eddie from more than 400 shows.
EWBANK: I think when he got on stage, he suddenly realized that he was not just a singer in a band, it was really like this ---
What he really wants to do
From this point on, the seeds are sown and really try to create it.
From 1987, Russell chose not to study at the famous National Academy of Dramatic Arts to go to Sydney.
He will audition and then hone his craft on the streets of King\'s Cross.
Survival means finding some zero jobs. -
Bingo caller, fruit picker, insurance salesman, waiter.
He worked in the famous Sydney restaurant for a while, but in the end he made a big breakthrough in 1990.
He is 25 years old and starred in a small movie called \"crossing\", during which he will meet and fall in love with his colleagues.
Actress Danielle Spencer
EWBANK: the movie started with an incredible scene of them together, and I think it was sex in some sheds.
He kissed her very, very warmly.
I think she sat up and really felt, you know, there might be more to this.
He: Yes.
The two will be dating on and off in the next 13 years.
The stars of Crowe will rise soon on the land below.
He will receive two awards from the Australian Film Association. -
First, for his role in the 1992 film, \"proof \".
\"Unidentified male: describe him to me.
Chloe: what, each?
Unidentified men: one each.
Hermer: but it was the controversial film Romper Stomper that earned Russell Croy his second AFI award and made him a star.
Crowe: I want people to know that I am proud of my white history and my white blood.
ROZEN: He\'s the leader of a group of skinheads who beat anyone who doesn\'t look like them.
Hando is a white supremacist.
He is a racist, a fascist, very upset.
ROZEN: you just got out of the movie who is that guy, what else can he do?
Crowe: Come on, I won\'t fight.
Homer: as our story continues, the Hollywood sex-discrimination heroine takes Russell Croy to the Wild West.
But for many who are involved in \"Fast and dead\", his arrival is not welcome. (
Business break)
ANNOUNCER: Now go back to the people in the news.
What\'s your name? HEMMER (voice-over)
: By 1994, Russell Crowe is known to almost everyone in Australia.
Follow his star
In his next movie, \"Our sum,\" the remake of \"Romper Stomper\", everyone was shocked.
Croy: Dad, I like to do this with the lads and I don\'t think it will change because I don\'t want to change.
EWBANK: starting with Hando, this despicable, evil character playing gay rugby plumbers in our sum is an extraordinary leap forward.
ROZEN: part of the reason he said he wanted to do this is because all of these people really like the light party, you know, admire him and he wants to confuse them.
Hermer: Crowe\'s talent for transformation and confusion will eventually attract the attention of one of Hollywood\'s biggest stars.
O\'Neill: Sharon Stone is believed to have discovered Russell, at least in the United States. S.
But his size-
The first show on the Hollywood screen will be fast.
Actor Gene Hackman: it\'s time.
The head of the Columbus studio did not want him there.
They don\'t think he did that.
Who is this guy?
No one knows him.
I saved your life last night.
All sorts of people said to her, \"Are you kidding? No way, no way.
\"No, no, no, he\'s the guy,\" she said . \"
\"EWBANK: she insisted on her gun and it turned out that she was right.
She said, you know, Russell Crowe is the sexiest man working in a movie today, and she\'s ahead of her time.
It may take two years, but Russell Crowe happened in 1997.
Howard: L, I think. A.
\"Confidential\" is probably the first time I really realized the name and performance of \"Russell Crowe.
Heimer: Director Curtis Hansen will play Croo immediately after this screen test.
What is this justice? That\'s where [bleep]lie, justice.
Confidential will be well received and Russell, the film star, will be noticed for the first time in the United States.
You will become a big star.
Are you ready?
Yes, yes. When? Yes, right. Whatever.
Woman: Now!
HEMMER: Crowe accepted 14-considering he was finalized as a tough guy-month break.
He will return to his farm in Australia, read and write, play the guitar and look for the perfect script.
It appears in the form of \"insider\" and acts as a middleman
Company reports-blower.
But when director Michael man approached him, he hesitated.
CROWE: I said, look, okay, this is a very flattering script.
But you\'re a little silly here, sir. Mann.
You should go find one of them. year-
The old actor who did the work.
Director Michael man: he\'s down. We read it.
This is only the two of us.
I read part and he read the other part and we worked right across from my desk.
Crowe: he put his hand on my chest and said I didn\'t talk to you because of your age.
I\'m talking to you because of what you have here.
I knew it was this guy.
I\'m Jeffrey Wigan.
I think it\'s best to work with this guy.
You put me in this way.
HEMMER: with nearly 50 pounds, the audience was shocked by his appearance as a former tobacco executive.
1999 of his performance will be nominated for his first Oscar.
CROWE: Forty-
8 pounds I play this role. Yes.
How did you do it?
Burger and bourbon, man.
Ah, that\'s heaven.
Hermer: Kevin Spacey won an Oscar that year, but Croy will make a significant shift again.
Release hell under my signal.
HEMMER: Six months later, he lost 40 pounds of his weight and lost his muscles. He will release Hell at the box office.
As our story continues, the owner and commander of Hollywood finally met his opponent.
She knew he would come back in the end and he came back.
But first, Crowe was hard for Meg Ryan and almost fell into the hands of the kidnappers. (
Business break)
Announcer: Welcome back to the people in the news.
Heimer: When Gladiator debuted in 2000, Russell Crowe\'s star power will shift to speeding.
CROWE: you walk into the gym and there are 5,000 extras, \"Maximus, Maximus,\" which, you know, is an absolutely magnificent theater.
Hermer: Ridley Scott\'s epic work will be worth nearly a billion dollars, pushing Crowe to the Hollywood superstar, a huge self-reported superstar.
O\'Neal: Russell Crowe has a reputation as a tough and arrogant person.
Man, you know, I\'m not thinking about this.
I\'m thinking about trying vi for a drink.
Of course he likes parties, you know.
He likes drinking.
He is attractive to women.
Hemer: The same is true of tabloids, linking him to everyone from Jody Foster to Nicole Kidman.
Crowe denied all romance except one.
Crowe: together with Meg, we are doing this work, and the personal things are separate, completely separate.
HEMMER: on June and 2000, a news about extramarital affairs was jointly released with life certificate
Star Meg Ryan will make headlines.
As a hostage negotiator who has fallen in love with married women, life is clearly an imitation of art.
O\'Neill: And then when Meg Ryan told the world that she was going to divorce Dennis Quaid, it was clear that Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe were more than just a spur of the moment.
Heimer: In the fall of 2000, photographers tracked the couple globally.
O\'Neill: both of them seem to love each other deeply.
He took her to Australia.
She saw his family.
He showed her around his beloved farm.
HEMMER: Crowe also introduced Meg Ryan to the band he has been playing with since the beginning of 1990, more than thirty feet of rubbish.
After a successful trip, Croy returned to Australia.
In December, when the white tent on his property sparked rumors of getting married to Meg Ryan, he responded angrily.
Crowe: for example, I was announced in the media that I was getting married.
If I am fortunate enough to find this woman and make the absolute promises and decisions that I will be with her for the rest of my life, I cannot experience this joy and share it, because the parasite has actually been published in the newspaper.
What do foreigners say?
The rumors are far more than that. Their six-
In fact, a month\'s relationship is coming to an end.
Reports about who broke it would be different.
She is an amazing woman, an amazing person, a great actor. So that\'s --
I don\'t know, you know. . .
Host Larry King: It sounds like you\'re a friend.
Crowe: of course.
You know, maybe we just talked about it two days ago.
Homer: Just when you think Crowe can\'t grab another headline, the plot to kidnap the movie star has surfaced.
Crow: I had to work with these FBI agents and stuff when I--
So I met with them, and they put out the situation that they were very concerned about.
Heimer: The FBI confirmed the threat, although the details of the bizarre plot were never really disclosed.
Some people label it as a publicity stunt.
Crowe seems happy.
They obviously don\'t know me very well.
A few days later, man, they\'ll be on the phone, and now, look we have 50, please bring him back!
I think at first he might think it was just a joke.
But all of a sudden, a security guard has to surround him at every turn, you know, it\'s not ---
Not so funny.
Homer: Crowe was still surrounded by security guards in 2001, and he got his first Oscar back.
\"Gladiator\" was shocked.
Crowe: If you ask me, you know, I will give Tom Hanks a lot of money until now.
HEMMER: Crowe started doing it again a year later.
Find a truly original idea.
This is the only way I can distinguish myself.
Heimer: his role in the beautiful mind was nominated for the third Oscar.
ROSEN: I think there are two factors in his failure to win an Oscar.
First, I am not sure if the Hollywood community is ready to seal him as a saint, yes, you are the new king.
So this is a factor.
Second, Denzel Washington is really, really good.
Homer: Oscar narrator
It\'s his increasingly striking companion, Australian compatriot Danielle Spencer, who has an endless stream of fans.
Are you in love now?
Yes, I am. Yes.
Do you want to tell us who it is?
No, I don\'t know.
Sarah\'s back.
EWBANK: he wrote some very good songs, several of them about his longtime girlfriend Danielle.
Sands: she kind of understood when he went to Hollywood and had to pursue this kind of life.
You know, she\'s kind of forgiven him for doing a lot of things.
She saw the trough.
She saw the climax.
You know, she saw him when he was nothing. She\'s --
He was by his side when he won an Oscar.
In April 7, 2003, she returned to him again, this time as a lady. Russell Crowe.
The Armani-clad couple came out of the chapel at Croy\'s Australian ranch.
The ceremony was short, only 20 minutes, and the mood was high when Rose petals were flying and portraits were taken.
The 13-year alliance seems to have tamed the avant-garde superstar.
Russell Croy will appear on the big screen again in November 14, the first time in nearly two years.
This time with the \"Master and Commander: The other side of the world.
\"After $0. 135 billion, there is a lot of expectation.
Rosen: The real hope is that the film will become a franchise film.
If the film is successful, then you may be going to another \"Master and Commander\" movie every few years.
They have to stay at sea for a while.
HEMMER: but it\'s not just \"the master and the commander\" that makes everyone talk \".
Russell Crowe will be father in January 2004.
Crowe: I\'m not a father yet. I\'m a father-to-be.
Our baby boy will be born on January and I am very much looking forward to seeing him and finding out who he is.
You can sail tonight.
The future father, lover, warrior, rock singer, Motorcyclist, farmer, global superstar, movie star. The young Aussie who wrote the song \"I want to be Malone blandot\" seems to have fulfilled his wishes and then some more.
CROWE: It\'s a great job and I want to encourage everyone here to do everything they can to tell the story.
God bless the narrative.
God bless originalGood night. (END VIDEOTAPE)
ZAHN: Despite Russell Crowe\'s manly image, he told Vanity Fair that he had to overcome not only his fear of height, but also his fear of the ocean.
\"Master and Commander. \" (
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McGraw: I have a barbecue stain on my white T-shirtshirt. . . (END VIDEO CLIP)
Next, he was a country music genius from the beginning. (
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Mother Betty Temble: I mean, you can even see the dirt on the ground through the floor. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now he has everything. (
Start Video Editing)
I\'m just lucky.
I\'m just lucky, you know.
I mean, what else can I want?
Don\'t forget things like this. . . (END VIDEO CLIP)
Announcer: Wan
When the people in the news come back, star Tim McGraw. (
Business break)(NEWSBREAK)
ZAHN: Welcome back to the people in the news.
Tim McGraw is a loser.
According to the national radio music director, family favorites, three nominees for the Country Music Awards on Wednesday and artists of the year.
He has a series of platinum albums and hit songs.
Oh, and then his marriage to Fisher, a sensation in other countries.
For McGraw, it is only a few million miles from the road in the state of Luis Anna, and a few million miles from the poor and family secret childhood.
Daryn Kagan has our information. (Start Video)
Today is Labor Day weekend. I was 17.
I bought a Coke and some gas.
Jerome: his voice is great and he can talk.
MCGRAW: Well, she has a tan line on her body. . .
Jerome: sexy is an extra treat.
He looks confident on stage.
Are you saying he\'s well designed or is he really that great?
He is so good.
McGraw: I laugh whenever I start thinking about her.
Musician/wife Faith Hill: I feel this way when I look at him.
Woman: really?
Yes, really.
When we go along this highway.
I\'m just lucky. I\'m just lucky.
I mean, what else can I want?
CNN reporter Darin Kagan (voice-over)
What else does the great Tim McGraw need?
He won eight awards for the Country Music Association. . .
Man: Our Next actor has three nominations tonight. . .
Kagan: He won three more nominations this year.
He stepped onto the CMA\'s central stage and performed red Ragtop in his latest album, Tim McGraw and dance hall doctor.
\"When they released the song, the song caused controversy with lyrics about abortion. MCGRAW: . . .
We are running.
We decided not to have children.
Kagan: This year is a milestone in McGraw\'s career and he won his 20 country singles with \"She\'s my kind of rain.
She is the kind of rain I like.
Jerome: I think his trick is to pick great material that works with his character, his message, his looks, his aura.
McGraw: I believe this is my job. I\'m a storyteller. That\'s what I do.
If I find a great story, I will tell it.
Kagan: Or maybe it\'s Tim McGraw\'s own story, a love story with the other hottest stars that adds to his popularity.
This is my husband, Tim McGraw.
Jerome: You know, once he\'s got an interest in faith in his 90 s, you can\'t stop it.
I mean, it\'s just a great story.
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have become one of the most famous couples in the United States.
When the rough cowboy performed with the charming cover girl and then got married in 96 years, their careers soared.
The two have accumulated a fortune. . .
We are waiting for our first child. KAGAN: . . .
A family of three girls.
The couple became more popular by touting their disappointment. home value.
Hill: we want to support our family.
We don\'t just want children as tokens.
McGraw: The family must be the first, and everything else must find a place.
Kagan: There is also a story about Tim McGraw in the spotlight, a personal story involving a famous name that evokes memories of childhood pain and confusion. (on camera)
You met him, but not his father. son bond?
McGraw: I don\'t think this relationship will ever be a father-son relationship. KAGAN (voice-over)
: This is the secret that Tim revealed in his late childhood.
Tim McGraw grew up in the rural northeast of Luiz Anna state and in the wet town of Start, 200 miles from Baton Rouge.
Howard: it has a little country star, gin and warning lights.
That\'s all.
I mean, there\'s no red light or something.
When he--
God, I think he\'s a month old.
Samuel Timothy Smith, nicknamed Timi, was born in May 1, 1967.
During most of his childhood, he lived with the Tracy Sisters and the sandy sisters.
Tim was good at sports and music from an early age.
TRIMBLE: he sang in front of people for the first time at church 3, you know you heard everyone say that, but he did.
Kagan: Early on, there was a lack of money and work for his mom, Betty, waitress and dad, Horace, part-time stafftime trucker. The poverty-
When Tim was a child, the affected family moved 13 times.
Some of the places we live in, I will fix them and let them go home.
But I mean, you can even see the dirt on the ground through the floor.
Howard: I\'ll answer the phone and there\'s a ticket collector on the other line.
You know, Mom would say \"I\'m not here \".
So sometimes, I know it\'s hard for her.
But life will be harder for Tim and his family.
TRIMBLE: he\'s sitting on the bed, white like a sheet.
I said, Tim, are you okay?
\"One thing I need to ask you.
I said, \"What?
\"Is Horace Smith my father,\" he said ? \"
\"I got bitten like I did just now.
Kagan: next to the characters in the news, Tim made a shocking discovery of a big news
The time ball player will change the news for the rest of his life. And later. . .
Hill: this kiss, this kiss, will never sink. . .
Kagan: \"This Kiss\" is more than just a hit song.
Hill: I wrote my answer on his makeup mirror.
Baby, this is the way you love me.
This is the way you like it dear. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Announcer: we are back in the news now. (Start Video)KAGAN (voice-over)
: In 78 years, Timi Smith lived a typical life for most rural boys in the state of Louis Anna.
Butler: we go camping, hunting, and we go to a typical place, but it\'s basically a small town.
Kagan: Tim dreams of becoming a player one day.
I was almost an athlete growing up.
That\'s what I want to do.
But I think I\'m too young.
Kagan: one of the players he worships, pitcher, tug of war.
McGraw: I have a baseball card for him, just like the other three people on my wall.
KAGAN: Eleven-year-
When old Tim was shocked by his life, he was alone at home.
McGraw: I found the box and opened it and there was a birth certificate with my last name on it. It just --
It\'s like a joke.
You know you just don\'t-
It is not registered.
Kagan: Tim\'s mother revealed that she had a wonderful summer affair with the baseball team in 1966.
At that time, he played for the Jacksonville Suns.
Their relationship didn\'t last long, but she was pregnant.
She contacted McGraw but never asked for help.
TRIMBLE: He\'s a famous baseball player and it hurts his career anyway and I don\'t want to do that.
Kagan: Tug McGraw continues to play for the Mets and Philadelphia.
He became the highest paid relief pitcher in professional baseball.
He said, \"that guy ---
Have I seen him?
I said, \"I don\'t know, son.
He knows about you.
He knows where I am, but he--
So far he has chosen nothing to do with you.
\"Kagan: Tim had a brief contact with McGraw at the age of 11, but the two did not have close contact.
Howard: It was a tough time for all of us.
Kagan: Tug McGraw has his own family at this time.
It was not until he graduated from high school that Tim spoke to his famous father again.
I mean, he has his own life.
You know, his kids are small, he--
You know, I\'m sure it\'s hard for him to figure out what I\'m supposed to do ---
What am I going to do here?
I mean, you know, don\'t take responsibility off at all.
Kagan: but he did ask his father to pay for his college education, and McGraw finally agreed.
Tim began using his real last name and spent more time with a father he barely knew.
You know we\'re getting more and more--
Like an old one.
I\'m my brother. He\'s my brother. That\'s the real reason.
Kagan: McGraw studied at the University of Louis Anna in the northeast at Monroe, 15 miles from his hometown.
He wanted to study law, but the school soon took music as a secondary subject.
McGraw: one summer in college, I spent 20 bucks on a guitar from a pawnshop, I looked at the CMT, believed it or not, and sat there ---and \"Hee-Haw\" --
See where their fingers are on the wires and songs, then play the guitar and listen to the radio.
I think I like 50 songs that summer.
Kagan: he\'s been listening to 70 rock bands from the Eagles and the journey since he was a child, but has begun to imitate country legend George Strait and Little Hank Williams.
In just a few months, McGraw was enough to hold a solo concert at a local bar.
Soon he was eager for more viewers.
He dropped out of college in 1989 and seized an opportunity.
He went to the Music City.
I laughed at Tim when he told me he was moving to Nashville.
To make him a typical college fraternity member, he would say, \"Hey, I\'m going to sing country music,\" and we all went, \"Okay, okay.
But Macquarie is serious.
He went to Nashville\'s local club tour and found a backup band called \"doctor of the dance hall\" and wasted very little time building himself.
In 1992, his cool style and his famous last name gave him a meeting at a record company.
A record company executive is a fan of Tug aw.
McGraw: A friend of my father knows someone who works at a roadside record company. He called me and just accidentally asked me for a time.
I showed up early.
Kagan: McGraw got a record contract in a year. But his self-
The first album was forgotten.
Fortunately, he got another shot.
Don\'t take the girl.
Kagan: the ballad from his second album, Don\'t bring girls, puts McGraw on a country map.
Daran Smith, Dr. danshall: We stopped, people ---
All the audience are singing words. We are just singing.
Then you just feel like your hair is standing up and tingling, and then you say, \"it\'s going to be a huge thing.
Kagan: but this is another politically incorrect \"Indian lawmaker\" who has sent Macquarie into the big league.
McGraw has been severely criticized by some who believe the song offended Native Americans.
You can find me in the big bar.
I\'m going to hit my Tom. tom. . .
National Congress of American Indians Raymond abodaka: The song helped commit all negative stereotypes and demeaning in the lyrics, basically Indian culture. MCGRAW: . . .
Because I\'m Indian.
Kagan: But the debate will only increase the popularity of McGraw.
The song became his first hit song and album, the country\'s largest seller in 1994.
McGraw made headlines almost overnight from a struggling club behavior, with rising hits.
Because I like it, I like it, I want more.
Kagan: country rock song \"I like it, I Like It\" topped the list.
Even though McGraw did not write any songs, he became an ace in the selection of winners.
I like it.
I want more.
I just don\'t like anything I write.
I think I\'m really bad.
Manager: I think one of Tim\'s really mysterious, magical places is his ability to choose songs.
McGraw: I have a barbecue stain on my white T-shirtshirt.
She killed me in that miniskirt.
Kagan: McGraw\'s next choice will make him a further focus.
When we came back, there was a spark in the duet of this country, heart breaking and tongue swinging.
Jerome: both of them had a long and serious relationship at the time, so no one thought they would end up being romantic.
Kagan: the conflict with the law, which makes Macquarie\'s reputation bad. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Announcer: Welcome back to the people in the news. (Start Video)
McGraw: Now, who can leave with so many unfinished things? . . KAGAN (voice-over)
: As of 1995, Tim McGraw topped the country charts with popular songs such as \"can\'t really disappear.
\"He no longer needs the father of his famous baseball player to continue his musical career, but the other name will soon change his life.
After his third album was released, McGraw began his tour.
Open for him, the rising country star, the Mountain of Faith.
Hill: take another small piece of my heart.
I know you will.
Kagan: Hill has some hits like \"The pieces in my heart\", but it\'s barely known in the pop world.
McGraw: the first time I was with her for five minutes, I knew I was over.
I also know that she is outside of my league too, so I have a big ladder to climb.
But this is not his only challenge.
Hill has been taken away.
Jerome: Faith is engaged to Scott Hendrick, a Nashville record producer and music director who is very successful and powerful.
She had been married once before and Tim had ended a long relationship.
Kagan: But the journey to spontaneous combustion lives up to its name.
The spark between McGraw and Hill flew.
Smith: Well, when I see them singing together on stage, you can see what they have, you know?
McGraw: I try to turn my head around, you know, stay away from me.
I remember my road manager and I told him, \"I need to look at faith.
\"She came in and I grabbed her and kissed her.
Kagan: The relationship has developed.
By the end of the tour, Hill had released her appointment.
McGraw raised the issue backstage.
I am very angry with him.
\"What do you ask me? -
I just got off the stage and it was crazy in the trailer.
I realized he was serious.
So, my answer is, I wrote-
I wrote my answer on. -
On his cosmetic mirror, he said, \"Yes, I will marry you.
\"Kagan: The couple got married at the end of 96.
They concealed this important day from their friends.
Butler: we are all ready for the softball game and half of us are wearing shorts and T-shirtsshirts.
I got on the bus with Tim to prepare for the softball game and he said, \"Oh, by the way, we\'re going to the wedding.
I said, really, who is it?
He said, mine.
This is your love.
It just did something to me.
Kagan: their career has grown rapidly since then.
McGraw became a male artist of the year in the country with songs such as this is your love.
\"Hill: you can kiss me in the moonlight on the roof under the sky.
Kagan: Hill\'s popularity has risen with cross-clicks like this kiss.
Hill: this kiss, this kiss. It\'s criminal.
Hill/McGraw: I will climb up the sky directly. . .
Kagan: their popularity soared when they sang together, like \"just to hear you say you love me \".
Singers are accumulating hits and awards to win the Grammy for the duet, \"Let\'s have sex.
Hill/McGraw: Let\'s have sex all night.
Kagan: in 1997, the country\'s most popular duo formed a family.
They have Gracie.
In 98, Maggie followed.
But the couple panicked by having their third daughter Audrey in December 2002.
Hill is dangerous to get pregnant.
Jerome: she really lost a lot of liquid and she was really in a very urgent situation.
In 12 to 18 hours, she had a c-section.
She called Tim right away and he hurried to the office and they brought the children out of school.
This is a terrible--
As she said, \"The situation is frightening and shocking.
\"McGraw: she\'s just arrived a little earlier, but she\'s fine.
I mean, after about a week in the hospital, we took her home and never had any problems.
Kagan: the calm words of a man known for doting on his father.
Gracble: as soon as she sobbed when Gracie was born, he ran over to pick her up.
He will change her diapers.
Faith will fix the bottle and he will say, \"Now, put it on your arm and test it out.
Howard: he changed his diaper.
He does everything.
He plays dress-up.
You know, he plays no matter what they want him to do.
He will join them in the tea party if they like.
Kagan: But in 2001, McGraw\'s reputation as a family member was compromised.
He went through an open criminal trial that could ruin his family life and career.
It all started with country singer Kenny Chesney riding a police car.
McGraw: neither did these other policemen bother to stop him and ask him if he was allowed to just drag Kenny down from the moment and start waving the baton.
I tried to make them stop and they got mad at me.
Kagan: McGraw was arrested and charged with a second crime. degree assault.
He was found innocent about a year later,
Profile trial paid for it. (on camera)
Do you think the prosecutor is taking measures because you are celebrities?
Of course, because I won\'t accept their deal.
I mean, do we really want to go through this?
Faith and I--
We have kids, 13 and 14, and they ask me what\'s going on.
They will never believe what I said if I make any deal.
Kagan: Macquarie is facing another crisis this year.
His famous father, Tug McGraw, was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer in March.
The doctor gave him three weeks.
But Tim insisted on a different medical perspective and helped his father get better treatment.
Despite his successful brain surgery, Tug is still battling cancer.
Meg: The tug-of-war is doing well.
He had a smooth operation.
All his treatments are good.
And he\'s tough.
You know it\'s hard to let him down.
Kagan: McGraw and Hill have made it clear that families are earlier than fame and even swear not to separate for more than three days at a time.
Jerome: Faith will actually have Audrey sit in the studio with her, hold her, or park her in the car seat.
If the baby makes a sudden noise, they have to shout, \"cut\" and start over.
But I feel like they are a movable feast for a family no matter where they go.
Kagan: what makes the tour easy is Hill\'s efficiency, says Macquarie.
McGraw: I mean those toys ---
I mean, she has a plastic box and all the plastic boxes are labeled and stacked there with blankets in the middle to make sure nothing is broken.
I threw my stuff into my suitcase and tried to sit on it and close it.
Kagan: Hill\'s organization means a period of time on the road.
McGraw usually plays basketball before the show.
But his more impressive move was to leave.
He took 49-day U. S.
Tour, nailed another number one single with \"She\'s my kind of rain\" on his 10-
Album sales this year exceeded 27 million.
He is lucky. He\'s sexy.
He\'s a great singer.
The mysterious expression he showed from the edge of his hat, everything was normal.
Kagan: It\'s all good, but for the greatest success story of a country, it\'s not music that ends the fairy tale.
There are three princesses in my family. I mean I\'ve --
Well, I have four girls and pretty girls like me so I made it.
I can\'t imagine a better life. (END VIDEOTAPE)
ZAHN: in addition to another album and next year\'s Tour, Tim McGraw will also try to perform.
He served as sheriff for the first time in the independent film Black Cloud.
\"The film is expected to be released at 2004 Sundance Film Festival.
This is the case for people in this edition of the news.
Next week, the Kennedy family, a member of the American Royal family, will appear 40 years after Kennedy\'s assassination.
This is Paula Zane. Thank you very much for joining us.
Hope you can come back with us next week.
Announcer: For more celebrity news, be sure to pick up a character magazine this week.
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