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Oprah\'s baby bomb
Charlie Xin and Brooke Miller are together again? ;
Jennifer Aniston\'s Friends aired on January 18, 2011.
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This copy may not be in final form and may be updated. A. J. HAMMER, CO-
Host: We have major news in the entertainment circle this evening.
The shocking announcement of Regis
Regis Philbin dropped a blockbuster today.
He\'s leaving. He\'s staying with Regis and Kelly. \" (
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Regency Hotel, CO-
Host \"living with Regis and Kelly\": this will be my last year on this show. (END VIDEO CLIP)
We\'re asking, can this show continue without him?
Brooke AndersonHost: mind-blowing Piers-
Everyone is talking about Oprah\'s interview response.
Pierce Morgan\'s blockbuster.
With Oprah today. (
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Media mogul Oprah Winfrey: I can cry for it, but I won\'t.
Pierce Morgan, host of Pierce Morgan tonight: Why are you doing this? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: Pierce is right here. He will tell us what Oprah is most shocking to him.
Charlie and Brooke are together again?
Charlie Xin, his separated wife, Brooke Miller.
There are explosive reports today.
Will they really fix it?
Jennifer Aniston\'s friends is shocking.
Jane\'s incredible revelation of her Rachel\'s hairstyle today.
TV\'s most inflammatory entertainment news show-
Anderson: start now. (MUSIC)
HAMMER: Hello. I`m A. J.
Hammer came to you from New York.
Anderson: Hello everyone.
I\'m Brooke Anderson from Hollywood. There\'s big news today.
Pull from OPPE to Regis fillbin, idol and shock of the day. (
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PHILBIN: You know, for some people on campus, especially some old people, there\'s always a time when everything has to end.
Anderson: 70nine-year-
Old Regis fillbin woke up
No one saw his arrival this morning, announcing that he would quit his show after 28 years. Even his co-
Host Kelly Lippa seems to be scared by Regis.
Why is he leaving?
Will anyone change Regis? Or will the show be canceled?
Later in the show tonight.
It broke the development of Regis in just a moment.
But first, the shock of another idol, Oprah Winfrey.
Today, the secrets that Oprah revealed to Pierce Morgan on CNN\'s new show, Pierce Morgan tonight, have caused an amazing reaction, including never beforebefore-
Heard from Oprah how she felt about losing her baby after she was 14.
Oprah told Pierce that she really felt like she had a break. Watch this. (
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Winfrey: I know, I have to say when I lose the baby that has no connection with me.
I am 14 years old and feel nothing but relaxation. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: Now, with me, the guy who opened Oprah up, Pierce Morgan.
Finally, you\'re so cool.
You come to the show with us tonight.
I am honored to come to the mall here.
Hammer: Well, we\'re glad you\'re at the mall.
Congratulate you.
Your show is clearly a huge hit, a huge ratings success, and everyone is talking about how much Oprah Winfrey has revealed to you.
How much would she like to tell you, are you a little surprised?
Morgan: Yes, because you have a feeling about Oprah, she must have had a lot of interviews over the years.
She is so confessing to her show that it is very difficult to try to pry anything new from her.
But I think we have a good relationship.
The chemistry is very good. She relaxed -
When someone is relaxed in the form of an interview, you get something.
She surprised me.
She is very open and frank.
As we can see, she\'s one, and you know, the ratings are high every time she talks.
She surprised you and she said you surprised her. MORGAN: Yes.
Hammer: I think it\'s because she\'s a natural woman and she\'s relaxed.
One of the most shocking revelations of that interview to me was that she really blamed herself for being pregnant at the age of 14.
Let\'s have a look. (
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Winfrey: I know my pregnancy is the result of the wrong choice, no boundaries and abuse --
Since I was 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, I have been sexually abused, become a promiscuous teenager, run on the street and will be detained at home
So I know when I lost that kid
I have to say that I have no contact with anyone.
I\'m 14 years old and I don\'t feel anything but relax because I want to commit suicide before the baby is born.
I have-
Oh, of course. For sure.
My mother said, \"You can\'t stay here.
\"So I had to move to Nashville to live with my father. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: I was shocked to hear she said she lost her baby.
How surprised are you?
Morgan: I was shocked.
Shocked by many parts of the story
First, she didn\'t tell me at all.
Secondly, she felt that it was probably the best thing that happened to her.
But she went on to say that, without knowing that she was pregnant, her father was really a figure, and she said, \"any of my daughters has brought shame to the family, I hope to see her washing clothes by the river.
\"So she asked her father to tell her without knowing it,\" You know, you have a child who is not married.
I want you dead.
\"It\'s a different era, a different era.
In modern times, this is something we cannot really understand.
But this is Oprah Winfrey.
Hammer: you look into her eyes when she tells you this.
You see her going to that place like anyone else, almost a confession room, you know, revealing something so personal.
Morgan: that\'s it.
I can tell her that she has obviously been thinking about this over the years because I\'m curious if Oprah feels like she\'s going to be a good mom.
She was never a mother.
As far as I know, she is the godmother of many children and can be said to be an amazing godmother.
I can\'t help thinking that she told us so I was wondering if she regretted not having that child, whether she regretted losing it, and whether she regretted not having another child in her child.
Hammer: It sounds like, you know, she\'s very good about how things are going. (CROSS TALK)MORGAN: (INAUDIBLE)
She just locked the door. Bang. HAMMER: Yes.
Throughout her life, she is very private about her love life, which is why I think it is incredible that Oprah tells you the story of a lover who breaks her heart.
You let her do it.
Let\'s roll. (
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Winfrey: I look back on a relationship that I think really breaks my heart.
I was keeping a diary.
You know, the diary is-
You know, you can see yourself, how you evolved as a human being.
I remember holding a ceremony for that woman.
I looked back at that time and even though I said \"you didn\'t call me\" I didn\'t have any remorse or resentment towards that person.
I can\'t believe you don\'t love me
I still have those crazy letters.
I should burn them.
She told you that she did not burn them.
She still locks them somewhere in the safe.
What I want isINAUDIBLE).
Hammer: you want-yes.
You\'re with the world now, Pierre.
But I feel relieved that Oprah shared this with you and the world. MORGAN: Yes.
It was an interesting moment during the interview, in many ways.
In a sense, I just threw it there, \"Are you broken?
\"You are never sure what the problem will get.
She began to tell the story of two men.
Then she highlighted one of the people who broke her heart.
I said, \"Well, name them.
\"She will say,\" I will not give them a name.
Hammer: Yes.
They will show up on TV.
They say, \"I hurt Oprah,\" which I find interesting.
Then she said she put all these letters and her own diary in this safe.
You have to wonder what\'s in them, because for her, \"If I die, Gail is told to destroy them.
Oh, yes.
Morgan: what do they say?
HAMMER: just know they\'re still out there. MORGAN: Yes.
Hammer: OK.
Oprah is your first guest and you are also making headlines today because of who you banned from the show.
I would like to list this list if we can name these names.
Heather Mills. MORGAN: Yes.
Hammer: no participation in your performance.
You introduced her to Paul McCartney and you said Paul told you, \"Thank you, you spent me $50 million.
\"You also banned the Howie Mandel I adore.
You said he sent you a spring every day on your other show, \"America has talent.
Morgan: There\'s a lot to do about \"America is talented.
Hammer: OK. Fair enough.
We have Madonna.
What are you upset about Madonna?
Morgan: Madonna, she\'s very irritating at almost every level.
I mean, it\'s a series of crimes against music and fashion.
I just think everything about Madonna is ridiculous.
I mean, we have Lady Gaga, she\'s younger and better for me --
Looks more talented, not weird 20-year-olds -
The whole thing. HAMMER: OK.
Morgan: that\'s it. Sorry. (CROSS TALK)
I have these terrible opinions about people and Madonna, which can never be solved.
So I have to ban her.
Please note that if she has a knee bend on your show and asks me for forgiveness on US national TV --HAMMER: Yes.
You let her go?
I will consider it. HAMMER: OK.
So in other words, you won\'t let her play.
I want Brooke Anderson.
Brooke Anderson, Pierce Morgan, I want to connect you two now.
Brooke, look for you.
Morgan: I always wanted to get in touch with Brooke Anderson.
Hi Pierce. Yes.
I don\'t think we need to hold our breath on a bent knee like Madonna did.
But I like your candor.
I love your warm opinions. And Piers -
I would like to ask you a question about American Idol because it will be back tomorrow night. MORGAN: Yes.
Anderson: There\'s a new atmosphere, some new judges.
Jennifer Lopez, Steven Taylor.
You think J.
What will Lo do in his format?
Morgan: I\'m excited to see her like everyone else.
Although Ryan Seacrest-I didn\'t hear any feedback on how everything went
It is normal to tell you how brilliant he will be.
But just J.
The number of Lo and Steven Tyler is unknown
In my \"American talent\" experience, you know, a person can be very talented in terms of another recreational ability, but not necessarily a good judge.
So it\'s interesting to see if J. Is interesting.
Lo and Steven Tyler have everything they need to be a judge and performer.
I mean, the bigger question is how many Simon Cowell will they miss?
I honestly think they will miss him very much.
There\'s only one Simon Cowell
They have lost the Dark Masters so I think they have everything to do on American Idol.
Anderson: Yes.
They have work to do.
He is irreplaceable.
I think Steven Taylor will be great.
I heard Steven did a great interview for Howard Stern on Howard\'s show.
Of course, one of the highlights of your show today is
This is Howard.
Great Howard Stern. MORGAN: Yes.
HAMMER: he really opens his heart to you, especially about his hair and whether he dyed it or not.
Let me have a look, please. (
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Morgan: is the hair true?
Howard Stern, radio talk show host: The hair is true, I don\'t color it.
Don\'t be too excited. MORGAN: (INAUDIBLE)
I give it a good yank?
I have my own hair.
Did you dye it?
I don\'t color it.
I have some gray as you can see, but no.
I\'m lucky.
I swear on a bunch of Bibles that my hair is not colored.
Really? STERN: Yes. Yes.
Morgan: You\'re 57 years old and you\'re born with a very black curly hair. STERN: Yes.
Morgan: It\'s a big shop. STERN: Yes. I`m very lucky.
I \'ve always been a huge fan of Howard Stern.
I \'ve been listening to him since he first came to New York so many years ago.
He claimed to be the king of the media.
Do you think he is the king of all the media?
Morgan: Well, it\'s certainly harder.
I am the king of all the British media, so only one of us can win this little game.
He doesn\'t seem to be too upset about my threat, but he\'s what you expect --
Super outrageous
Smart, very revealing in a way that will surprise people.
I found him completely attractive for an interview now.
You haven\'t seen him in many interviews.
So I\'m excited to find him.
Another exciting thing for me is that we booked Ricky Jeva before the Golden Globes.
Hammer: It\'s big.
Morgan: We are now the only interview for the most hated people in America.
So bring it, Ricky.
Hammer: OK.
Okay, let\'s take a look at this week\'s lineup.
Howard Stern\'s tonight, as we mentioned.
On Wednesday, the dock was-on-
One is former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
That great interview on Thursday.
I can\'t wait to see this.
Ricky Gervais has just performed at the Grand Golden Globes.
Friday was great George Clooney.
Piers, it\'s a pleasure to have you here and it\'s really fun to meet you in the past few months.
Morgan: of course.
Hammer: I\'m looking forward to looking around.
Morgan: It\'s great to be on the same team as you.
I just want to say one thing, Regis Philbin and I work in the first series
Hammer: That\'s right.
Morgan: \"America has talent. \" He\'s an amazing guy.
I wish him all the best.
I\'m really sad to hear that he\'s going to retire, but what a great career it is.
Hammer: class moves all the way.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you. Thank you. J. Real pleasure.
Thanks, Pierce.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you, Brooke.
Anderson: Speaking of Regis\'s shocking statement, yes, Regis fillbin dropped a bomb today saying he would \"Live with Regis and Kelly \".
\"Can the show continue without him?
Hammer: Daming Xingfa news today. I can`t wait.
Do you remember Jennifer Aniston\'s Rachel hairstyle in the age of \"friends?
You have to listen to Jen\'s opinion on that hairstyle now.
Today Sandra Block\'s bangs have caused an astonishing controversy. Also this -(
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\"Jersey coast\" reality show star Nicole \"Snoopy\" poleeds: I am (
Delete dirty words)good for a sec.
Protect the girl. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: for the first time today, the explosive video of Snooki\'s arrest, when she was in chaos on the \"Jersey coast.
\"This is an entertainment show for HLN news and views tonight.
Hammer: time of \"entertainment circle news Ticker-
Here are more stories from the newsroom of tonight\'s entertainment city.
Ricky Gervais says he won\'t hold another Golden Globes.
Lindsay Rohan\'s dad says she has passed all the drug tests since she left the rehab center. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Comedian ricky gervais: Speaking of Walking Dead, congratulate Hugh Hefner, who was married between the ages of 84 and 24 --year-
Old beauty, Crystal Harris(END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: Hugh Hefner is one of the many stars of Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes.
But today, Hef doesn\'t seem to be mad at Ricky\'s jokes about him.
Hef tweeted: \"The Golden Globe is an explosion.
They make fun of everyone including Crystal and me. A great night.
I\'m used to cheap shots.
It is consistent with the territory.
Ironically, living with three young girls sparked a hot TV show, and getting married to a girl sparked humor.
Of course, this refers to the \"girl next door\" series running on E!
Welcome back to Entertainment Tonight.
I\'m Brooke Anderson from Hollywood. A. J.
Hammer in New YorkA. J.
I still can\'t overcome Hugh Hefner and 24-year-old. . HAMMER: Yes.
Brooke, you mentioned it before.
I do have people here who agree with you. The 84-year-
The founder of the old Playboy has just been engaged to an engagement.
The playmate of Playboy, Christopher Harris
Now, the reaction of his predecessor Holly Madison to the engagement has become a big news.
Holly is our entertainment news producer today.
It\'s nice to have you here.
Your new play is called Holly\'s World.
\"It will be on E this Sunday night!
I know you\'re excited about it.
I also know that you are not very excited about Hef\'s new fiancee. Why is that?
Holly Madison, the world of Hollywood: I really don\'t know much about crystal. I just -
That\'s not to say I\'m not excited about it.
I just hope his choice is right.
Why not he?
Madison: because he was unhappy about getting married before. And I just -
They only know each other for two years, you know.
In his position-
I \'ve seen a lot of girls trying to date him and they may have the wrong intentions.
Two years is not a long time.
So you\'re saying-
First, gold-
The excavators will be what they see on him.
Madison: it\'s possible.
I mean, I\'m not accusing her.
I don\'t know her.
I just don\'t think two years is very long.
She is 24 years old.
How young do you think she is?
Madison: it\'s possible.
I think a woman in her 30 s knows better what she wants (INAUDIBLE). (CROSS TALK)
Hammer: How old were you dating?
Madison: I started when I was 21. HAMMER: OK.
Madison: You know, I really thought I wanted to settle down, but, I mean, I\'m doing too much now and I can\'t imagine not doing that.
So here\'s a case and point of view.
Hammer: You \'ve always been very vocal about saying, hey, you\'re not thrilled with the idea that he\'s hooked up with her.
Those people-
You see, you go online.
You read the same blog as me.
Some people say, hey, this is sour grapes because it\'s her, not you.
What do you say about this?
Madison: Well, I just wanted to make Hef happy and I wanted him to settle in with the right person.
She might be the right person. I don`t know.
I\'m just saying I want to keep an eye on them.
I will kick her ass if she doesn\'t take good care of him.
You really have to kick her ass.
Actually, would you do that?
Madison: I can do physical threats. No -(CROSS TALK)
Hammer: I invited one (INAUDIBLE)
Lawyers here may disagree.
Madison: I don\'t want a snobbish situation. HAMMER: OK.
But is this at least something you might be shooting for your reality show?
Madison: Oh, the camera will never be missed.
Hammer: So in addition to Holly\'s World, you\'re doing a Vegas show called The Peep Show.
\"Now, as I can see, what has been given to me, there are producers who actually want you, all of them, to lose weight. I`m sorry.
It\'s hard for me to understand this. Is that true?
Well, thank you.
I appreciate it.
But I\'m just more focused on other things.
I really want to do more performances.
I have been in singing class for the past six months.
There are other things I want to do on the show.
The other dancers are much thinner than me.
When they turn it offINAUDIBLE)
From Broadway to Vegas.
For whatever reason, when they leave the local girls from Vegas, they are a little bigger than the ones we replaced.
They\'re much thinner than me.
They are very thin.
They are muscular.
Hammer: Are you angry when someone says \"Hey, you need to lose weight?
Yes, I was surprised.
Yes, I was surprised.
I think every woman or everyone feels that their stomachs may become more flat or that they may have a little less fat mass.
Everyone has this feeling. (CROSS TALK)
Yeah, when I thought someone noticed it, I really did?
Well, just-
I mean, I\'m trying to stay healthy.
I am trying to keep in shape. HAMMER: OK.
I think you did a good job.
I have to get you to take on some major beauty bombs today.
There\'s a lot to talk about in Jennifer Aniston\'s amazing revelations today, oh-so-
The famous \"friend\" Rachel hairstyle.
Is Sandra Block\'s Golden Globe Award beautiful or a big chest?
I want you to stay here.
We\'ll be back for you in a minute.
In the meantime, I look forward to watching the prime minister of Holly\'s World this Sunday!
Anderson: Okay.
Jennifer Lopez already has a few children.
Today, when we first saw her brand, she was revealing if she wanted more --New Music Video(MUSIC)ANDERSON: J.
No doubt Lo looks great.
But do we love or hate J.
Lo\'s new music video? Coming up.
Hammer: Brooke Miller, the estranged wife of Charlie Xin, allegedly attacked his wife with a knife --
Are they getting back together? Really?
Today\'s report is outrageous.
Anderson: Justin Bieber, stay away from all the cats because they don\'t seem to like you.
It\'s the show business tonight. Did you see it?
\"This is an entertainment show for HLN news and views tonight.
Hammer: this is entertainment news-
More news from the newsroom of entertainment city tonight.
Text: Justin Bieber nail polish collection sold out at Walmart
Wal-Mart across the United StatesS.
The King\'s Speech was nominated 14 times for the leading British film Academy Award. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified actor: What are you doing?
Unidentified Actress: Go out!
You can\'t sit there. Get out!
That\'s not a chair. That is St. Edward`s chair.
Unidentified actors: people will engrave their names on them.
Actor: Listen to me!
Actor: listen to you? By what right?
Unknown actor: because I have the right.
I have a voice! (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Actor and comedian Betty White: It\'s so delicate and fragile just a snowflake.
However, one billion of them gathered together to form the majestic power of nature.
They can mess up the whole city. (END VIDEO CLIP)
She looks great.
Betty White plays the quirky Sue Ann Nivens in the Mary Taylor Moore Show.
\"This show in Minni aporiis has been out of air for more than 30 years.
But I can tell you that Mary and Betty are reuniting in Cleveland and we are seeing you for the first time today. A. J.
The Mary Taylor Moore show is great and classic.
Yes, yes, Brooke.
Mary, Betty and Ed have a good cast.
On Wednesday, Mary Taylor Moore will be making a guest appearance at Betty\'s TV Land show \"Hot in Cleveland\" season 2 premiere.
This morning, on Good Morning America, they showed a piece of reunion. Take a look. (
Start Video Editing)
I need fresh meat.
Actress Mary Taylor Moore
White: what\'s going on with big M?
Moore: for murder.
White: why is that?
Moore: No, I \'ve been thinking about this since you started playing the harmonica. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Mary and Betty are in prison.
See if they will be on TV this Wednesday.
Okay, Brooke.
Justin Bieber is obviously not hot in the cat.
Did you see this?
A cat went crazy when he saw a picture of Bieb.
You have to see this crazy me meow. (CAT GROWLING)
I don\'t know.
Maybe the cat thinks Bieber\'s hair is like a mouth or something.
Anderson: It\'s a real possibility, you know. J.
The cat aroused real fur anger there.
You know,. J.
This is not the first time a cat caught him on Bieb.
Charles, roll the clip. (
Start Video Editing)
Look, it\'s Justin Bieber. (END VIDEO CLIP)
I don\'t know what this is. OK.
If someone else\'s pet lost it while watching Justin Bibo, please send me the video.
Hammer: OK.
It\'s time for the entertainment lineup.
Here\'s what\'s going to happen at the bottom of an hour tonight\'s show.
The shocking announcement of Regis
Regis fillbin dropped a blockbuster today and will \"Live with Regis and Kelly \".
Jennifer Aniston.
Sandra Block\'s hair showdown today
Jane\'s comments on her are incredibly revealingso-90s Rachel `do. And a brand-
Today\'s new controversy over the brockleball award.
Today, we saw the first video of Snooki\'s drunken arrest. (
Start Video Editing)
Woman: We are buying swimming suits.
Nicole, hurry up. Really? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: had a good time on the Jersey coast.
\"This is an entertainment show for HLN news and views tonight. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
I don\'t want to startle anyone, but I have to tell you because it\'s going to happen, the station needs to know, Gelman needs to know, we all need to know.
But it will be my last year on this show. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: Big news in the entertainment circle tonight
Philphilbin\'s shocking statement today.
He will leave \"living with Regis and Kelly.
\"The entertainment circle dares to ask tonight. Without Regis, can this play survive?
Charlie and Brooke are together again?
Today, Charlie Xin and his separated wife, Brooke Miller, may be reunited.
Snoopy released a shocking video today.
The outrageous new video of \"Jersey coast\" star drunken arrest. (
Start Video Editing)
I am one (
Delete dirty words)good person.
Female :(
Delete dirty words)
It\'s too hard to protect the girl. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: Snooze in handcuffs and get drunk.
Of course, everything was recorded.
Also, today broke the new milestone for \"Entertainment News\" Britney Spears.
Ashton Kutcher revealed new details about the drama of his wife Demi Moore.
ANNOUNCER: The most inflammatory entertainment news program on TV is still going on. (MUSIC)
Welcome back to Entertainment Tonight.
30 minutes in an hour. I`m A. J.
Hammer came to you from New York.
Anderson: I\'m Brooke Anderson from Hollywood. There\'s big news today. Regis retires?
Yes, Brooke.
After Regis fillbin suddenly announced that he was leaving \"living with Regis and Kelly\", the great white shark came to the living room around the country today. \" All right. Come on, Reg.
This is not the case, please.
Otherwise I will continue to make a bad impression on you.
Well, the showbiz has to dig deep into this amazing story tonight to find out the real reason behind the amazing decision that led to Regis and how he apparently approached the person closest to him(Start Video)(voice-over)
This is a shocking and unexpected announcement today.
This is my last year on this show.
The gasping of the audience tells the whole story.
Almost 80 s are not ready yet. year-
The old TV legend has announced that he will step down from his 28-year job as Ken Baker, America\'s most popular morning talk show host, Chief Journalist, E!
People must be disappointed.
I think he is still as popular as before.
This is obviously a very personal decision.
No one forced him out, no one pushed him out.
Definitely not because of the ratings.
Phil bin: We had a good time and we had a good time.
Master, look at this every morning.
The entertainment business tonight can tell you that Regis\'s colleagues
After a sudden announcement this morning, host Kelly Lippa almost cried.
The Host \"lives with Regis and Kelly\": I think I can only represent the United States and all of us here when I say it\'s a joy, a privilege and a dream come true.
I wish there was something I could do to change your mind.
Wait a minute. -fairbin.
Now, wait a minute.
HAMMER: TMZ reported today that Kelly didn\'t know Regis was leaving until 15 minutes before the show.
Kathy Lee Gifford, red tower PHILBIN\'s original contract
Moderator: I think it\'s a surprise for almost everyone.
But a former colleague of Regis
15-year host Kathie Lee GIF Ford revealed today on NBC\'s \"Today\" show that she knew that Regis was planning to leave.
I think we had dinner about a year ago.
I said, \"when do you think Reg?
\"I want to be at the end of this contract,\" he said . \"
This is also the end of an era.
Regis has held the title of \"Guinness World Record\" for most of the time in front of TV cameras.
There have been many unforgettable moments over the years.
Baker: in many ways, Regis is indeed a step back from the previous era. PHILBIN: (INAUDIBLE)
A real hip show
Hammer: Regis started his career in his 60 s as an assistant to Joey Bishop.
You\'re so excited.
Host Joey Bishop\'s \"Joey Bishop Show\": What do you mean?
Look at this.
It`s not right.
This is national television.
Hammer: But it wasn\'t until 1975 that he had a local morning show called \"Los Angeles AM\" in Los Angeles.
\"PHILBIN: all of this, Monday, 9: 00, Los Angeles.
HAMMER: When \"living with Regis and Kathie Lee\" entered the Union in 1988, Regis or Reg, as he was affectionately called, became a household name.
Phil bin: good luck.
GIFFORD: Bangjie supports you.
PHILBIN: Yes. Yes. Oui, oui, too. GIFFORD: (INAUDIBLE).
But maybe they missed us. Maybe.
Baker: Actually, after he was 60, he didn\'t really break out until very late in his career.
That\'s why we saw him really at his height when he was almost 80.
Hello. RIPA: Hello. PHILBIN: Hi.
Regis and Kelly are here. Alma?
Is your name Alma?
My name is Alice Louise.
Then the third daughter broke her leg?
I mean, it will never end up in your place.
Woman: What? No. (CROSS TALK)
RIPA: she had a good rest.
What is that?
Audience: Red Tower! Regis! Regis!
But it\'s time to hang the hat up today, Regis said.
PHILBIN: there was a time when, you know, for some people on the camera, especially some old people, everything has to end.
Today, he told loyal fans on Twitter that he may be old, but he is not dead.
I just retired for the show.
By the way, do you have a job for me?
\"Today, it\'s a million dollars problem.
Is Regis retired forever?
Is this his final answer?
Baker: I wouldn\'t be surprised if Regis became a regular TV player in retirement.
He will retire and come back.
I don\'t think he will ever retire.
Unidentified woman: He\'s one of those people you think will work forever.
He will. He will.
Oh, yes.
He is a complete performer.
But it is hard to believe that the day when Regis bid farewell to early television has arrived.
I think today I can speak on behalf of a lot of people when I say I\'m shocked about it.
I would like to ask Carlos Diaz to serve as co-radio host.
Carlos, my friend, I have to tell you that I just thought Reg would do this show forever too.
Are you as shocked as you are?
Radio host Carlos Diaz: Yes.
By the way, he\'s 80 years old, so let\'s point this out there.
He is energetic.
He has been on TV all the time. J.
Longer than you and I live.
Well, at least longer than I was alive.
Hey, hey, hey.
DIAZ: I mean -no.
But what I want to say isHe is -
You know, it\'s Regis. HAMMER: Yes.
Diaz: it will be very interesting to see what will happen in the future.
I tell you, you \'ve seen him hundreds of times.
I have seen him.
We interviewed him.
Not a more advanced person on this planet, I think you have to respect people as a broadcaster. HAMMER: Yes.
You have to respect him. A standup guy.
Anderson, blowing his pipe outside. I hear you.
I can tell you that when Regis announced this morning that he was going out of the show at \"living with Regis and Kelly\", he was a little mysterious about when to leave.
He did not give the exact date. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
This is my last year on this show.
This will be at the end of the summer, at any time, until the fall.
We don\'t know yet.
But you know, okay?
But we will have a lot of fun from now until then. Come on.
RIPA: when I say it\'s a joy, a privilege and a dream come true, I think I can only speak on behalf of the United States and all of us here.
I wish there was something I could do to change your mind. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: of course, now everyone is thinking, who is going to replace Regis or is the performance over?
Well, ABC told the show today that the show will continue tonight.
They will actually announce a new cooperation.
Host, they told us that within a few months.
This is our entertainment hotspot.
Can the show continue without Regis?
I want to bring in entertainment reporter Jill Dobson.
Jill, what do you think?
I like Kelly and I think the show will be great and different.
But do you think it might not be able to continue?
Entertainment reporter Jill Dobson: I think it will continue and will do better than ever.
Regis is a great genius.
We all love Regis.
But for a while, a lot of people say Kelly is at the heart of the show.
The New York Journal reported today for a while, and the Ripa took on the weight of the show admirably.
Many people say she\'s the one who keeps it moving.
She\'s back on track. (CROSS TALK)
Hammer: It\'s true, as a traffic policeman.
A great personality.
Passionate personality.
But for me, he\'s the soul of the show, and his long, stupid, rambling story is just --I don`t know.
I think it\'s nice to see them.
Carlos, do you think the show will continue?
Diaz: things will be different.
I think the \"A. J.
Kelly will-
You must get used to it.
By the way, is it someone and Kelly or Kelly and someone?
Anderson: Kelly first. DIAZ: Yes.
She has to get the top bill.
Kelly has to get the top bill now.
But the show will continue.
There are a lot of talent and staff on this show.
It\'s just different.
But you know what?
We will lose Regis and Oprah in the same summer.
Terrible. HAMMER: Yes.
We lost Larry King.
Three icons in a year. DIAZ: Yes.
HAMMER: By the way, we have to get more news that is breaking out today.
Brooke Anderson, can Charlie Xin really be with his wife Brooke Miller?
Anderson: Well, I have to tell you. J.
Sounds outrageous.
But it\'s possible, because Brooke Miller\'s mother told the Palm Beach Post that Brooke might cancel her divorce application with Charlie, even though Charlie admitted to attacking her, although he was recently reported as a porn star.
Carlos, do you think this could happen?
Diaz: I have a feeling that CBS executives will say, \"get these kids back together.
\"Because, you know, they want their stars not to have these growls in Vegas.
You know what?
A stranger\'s circle happened.
You know, every couple
No matter how much money you have, you always think about good times.
Think about it, you know, positive factors in relationships.
I was shocked when I first heard it.
But then, I thought, not really, because when they were having fun together, when I interviewed them, she seemed to be the head --over-
High heels that love each other completely.
Diaz: You know, they have kids together. So yes -
Anderson: they do have children.
Let\'s see what happens.
Carlos Diaz Gill Dobson, thank you both.
Hammer: this is the first time in history, this is a new dramatic video about Snooki.
Yes, she was drunk and arrested. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: We are buying bathing suits.
We are buying swimming suits.
Nicole, hurry up. Really? (END VIDEO CLIP)
This is the first time you have seen entertainment.
Actually, I think it\'s really sad, but I wonder if Snooki cares.
Oh, I doubt it.
Oh, no, she\'s not.
Jennifer Aniston\'s amazing revelation of her famous \"friend\" hairstyle today.
Remember Rachel?
Sandra Block\'s Golden Globe Award.
Love them or hate them? HAMMER: And J.
Lo revealed whether she wanted more children on the same day her new music video was released. (MUSIC)
This is an entertainment show for HLN news and views tonight.
It\'s time for the entertainment news center.
More news from the newsroom of entertainment city tonight. TEXT: Fmr. Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger says he may make a new film.
Britney Spears\'s fight against me set a record for most plays on the Billboard charts. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Delete dirty words)off! Get off!
Woman: where is she going?
Unidentified male: she was drunk and in a mess. You see that.
She will be arrested.
I am one (
Delete dirty words)good person. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Oh, boy.
Snoopy\'s arrest was recorded.
Snooki took a play on the beach last summer, she was arrested for misconduct, and of course, on the \"Jersey coast\" last night, everyone could see it.
\"But is TV good or is it just a sad reality?
Welcome back to Entertainment Tonight.
I\'m Brooke Anderson from Hollywood. J.
Hammer in New YorkAnd A. J.
We already know this, but it\'s official now.
Snooki is a mess. HAMMER: Yes.
But she\'s a good guy. At least that\'s what she said, Brooke.
The phrase \"party here\" after this explosive new episode of Jersey coast shows Snooki\'s big arrest drama, definitely has a whole new meaning.
Snooki and her slippers were dragged to police headquarters after being drunk elsewhere on the Jersey coast.
But I was wondering if Snooki thought it was not just another day in the office.
I want to bring in reality TV star Holly Madison, whose show Holly\'s World is on E this Sunday!
\"Holly, it\'s just sad for me.
But other than that, do you think this is just a good reality show?
Madison: Well, you know, I \'ve been watching reality TV for the last five years.
I feel like you do feel more when the camera rolls and anything can go.
You know, people at home need to remember that not everyone can get away with Snooki.
Not all the people who do this-
It won\'t make them stars. It`s not -
You know, Snooki is one in a million. She`s lovable.
She reminds me of a young golden boy.
Hammer: but when I saw this on TV, I was wondering if Snooki saw it as a wake-up call?
Call and say, \"Look at my drunken mess \"?
Or does she think it\'s not a big deal?
What do you think?
Madison: I mean, she could be awkward from my reaction
I hope so.
She might say, oh, no!
Hope so, she can learn from it.
Snooki spent her day in court.
I just hope she understands now how sad it all looks.
But now, I have to have more big news today.
Jennifer Aniston revealed why she thought the TV show friend made her look ugly.
Is John ham in Mad Men the new Superman?
Nicole Kidman broke the news to the entertainment industry tonight.
All of this creates big news in the \"buzz of today. \" (Start Video)ANDERSON (voice-over)
The secrets of Nicole and Keith.
Nicole Kidman and Keith urbane just told the entertainment business tonight that they had a new baby girl last month through a pregnancy agent.
The daughter of Faith Margaret Kidman Urban was born in Nashville in December 28.
The happy couple told the entertainment circle tonight, \"Our family is really lucky and thank you very much for the gift Margaret gave us baby Faith.
No language can fully express our incredible gratitude to everyone who has been so supportive throughout the process, especially our pregnancy carrier.
\"There are two of them, Kidman and Auburn. year-
Old Rose daughter on Sunday.
Is Draper too old for Superman?
Mad Men star John Hamm will close Superman coverage in a game.
Hamm just told MTV that the main character in the next Superman movie is not suitable for him.
Actor John Ham: I think it\'s a game for young people.
I think I\'m old.
But I think it\'s okay.
There are a lot of other people who can wear tights.
Jen hates Rachel?
Jennifer Aniston revealed that she was not a fan of Rachel\'s hair style, which caused a frenzy of friends.
Aniston revealed in the February issue of temptation, \"I love Chris and he\'s also the bane of my existence because he started that damn Rachel and it\'s not my best look.
What should I say?
I think it\'s the ugliest hairstyle I \'ve ever seen. \" (END VIDEOTAPE)
Really, the ugliest?
She doesn\'t love autumn?
I have to bring in Gwen Flamberg, director of beauty and lifestyle at Us Weekly.
\"Gwen, we all know that Rachel is a huge phenomenon.
It really caused a sensation for Jennifer Aniston.
So should she throw away the hair that made her so famous?
Gwen flagberg, director of beauty and lifestyle at US Weekly: Brooke, you know, it\'s kind of like biting your hand because, yes, this hairstyle makes every American girl want to look like Rachel, looks like Jennifer Aniston, in turn, makes her a superstar
But you know, I think part of Jennifer Aniston Stik is self.
This is only part of it.
Until today, she was with her hair stylist Kirk Macmillan.
Have you seen a picture of Jennifer Aniston wearing a bikini recently?
Who really cares who her hair is in her 1990 s?
Anderson: To be honest, does anyone of us like the haircut 10 years ago?
FLAMBERG: well said.
Anderson: At least Rachel is better than the claw that many people wear. (CROSS TALK)OK.
I have to move. yes.
I had to move to some famous lock to lose more love
Sandra Block\'s Big Bang theory about the Golden Globe red carpet.
Her first debut was a new hairstyle.
But some critics say this is not the case with hair.
I think she looks pretty.
The bangs may be a bit heavy, but it may be a trend. Who knows?
Holly, I brought you in.
What do you think?
Is block\'s bangs a big chest?
Madison: she looks a little long.
I wonder if she can see it from them.
But I think it\'s cute for her.
Bangs may be a little shorter.
Anderson: maybe.
Gwen, soon, yes or no on the bangs?
You know, I think she\'s a beautiful woman.
She apparently wanted to hide behind something and she used her hair.
Bangs are a huge trend in the world.
I think we will see more.
Anderson: Yes.
Gwen Flamberg, Holly Madison, thank you, ladies.
Hammer: There\'s a lot of news today as we move on.
I can hardly keep up.
Jennifer Lopez has two children.
Does she want more?
On the same day, she just revealed her brand --
The new music video was released.
The first thing you look at is your entertainment circle. (MUSIC)
Love it or hate it?
It\'s time for the entertainment news center.
More news from the newsroom of entertainment city tonight.
Lady Gaga will preview her new album at Thierry Mugler\'s Paris fashion show.
Ashton Kutcher: From the beginning, he and Demi Moore were more than friends.
Anderson: It\'s time for the entertainment industry to get hot.
Tonight\'s show is about this week.
Paul Lu dragged the third season.
Sign from January 29.
This will be fierce.
Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher\'s film \"No Strings Attached\" was released on Friday.
American Idol is back. New season. New judges.
It started on Wednesday.
Who will be nominated for the Oscar?
The nomination announcement just a few days ago.
The end of the season of \"Real Housewives in Beverly Hills\" may become explosive. We can`t wait.
Tonight you will be watching the entertainment circle on HLN news and views. (
Start Video Editing)
Female :(INAUDIBLE)how to behave.
I don\'t know if she\'s trying to get close to my skin or trying a sense of humor.
I haven\'t seen it yet.
But apparently she did not read the book. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)
Anderson: look at your show business first.
This is Sir Elton\'s little Knight in the cool Banshee.
Proud papas Elton and partner David showed off their brand
New baby boy Zachary on the cover of American weekly.
\"Boy, does this child have this name?
John was born on Christmas Day by an agent.
Elton told Us Weekly that he would never forget the experience of holding Zachary for the first time.
Read more about Elton and David\'s baby happiness at the newsstand on Wednesday.
In more baby newsJ.
Is there more children in J? Lo`s future?
Brooke, we know Jennifer Lopez already has a lot of kids.
She clarified this today in Allen.
She and her husband, Mark Anthony, are proud parents of three children. year-
Max and Emmy, the old twins.
But people are wondering if there are any other chips. off-the-old-
The block from Jenny?
Well, look at J.
Luo just told Alan about it. (
Start Video Editing)
Host Alan dejeris: Are you done, or do you think you will have more children? Or -
Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez: I don\'t know. I don`t know. I`d like to -
You know, as soon as I have children, I say to myself, oh my God.
I want to do it thousands more. I love this. This is life.
Thousands? That`s a lot. LOPEZ: Yes. Yes.
This will be the first time, you know.
You know, but -
You know, I just think I think it\'s great.
Life is like this.
It\'s been three years now, can I do this again?
Les: Yes.
It\'s interesting, you know.
Yes, I would be very happy if I were pregnant. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hammer: after JLo -
Anderson: but. J. , wait.
There are more J.
And Lo News.
Hammer: Sorry, Brooke.
I think she will be the new octomom.
Now we have got your first look at J. Lo`s brand-New Music Video
Are you ready? It`s J. Lo`s \"Good Hit. \" (MUSIC)ANDERSON: A. J. , I like it.
I think her \"good play\" is sexy.
Looks like she\'s still there.
She\'s moving.
But the video is interesting, isn\'t it? HAMMER: Yes.
Very interesting.
Frankly, I don\'t know J.
Lo and all the dancers left the shoot without catching their neck.
I mean, it hurts to hit your head like that.
I will be panting (INAUDIBLE).
Anderson: I\'m sure it\'s a skill acquired the day after tomorrow. (CROSS TALK)
Hammer: Well, it\'s good for them.
This is the show tonight.
Thank you for watching. I`m A. J.
Hammer in New York
I\'m Brooke Anderson from Hollywood.
Live at 5: 00 tonight. m.
East from Monday to Friday.
HAMMER: we are still the most inflammatory entertainment news show on TV at 11: 00 7 days a week. m.
This is the East and Pacific of HLN.
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