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Classification (shirt According to the neckline shape)

by:Teesso     2020-04-08
一个。 Different color led type grade white-collar plain coloured or striped shirt, some cuffs also make it white, collar type is standard collar or more open Angle, collar point shape is quite a lot, usually rounded, with peja, vortex pattern match. Choose different color led men, must pay attention to the coordination on collocation, or one not careful will be classified as taste category. B。 Long slender pointed collar fashion slightly pointed collar type, line is concise, has the characteristics of clothing diversification in the new century, the tie is not very picky, the abstract, cartoon a bit, a little bright printing, ancient classic stripes all appropriate showcase its originality, is especially suitable for the new popular narrow barge first two grain of buckle jackets, fashion and inside collect, very suitable for do not like make public urban white-collar. C。 Open Angle led romance around the collar Angle between 120 degrees, 180 degrees of the collar. The collar collar is also called the Windsor or French. It is said that the love for beauty of the duke of Windsor love this collar, matching with the tie knot said Windsor tie, bow tie wide. The return of the new century romantic agitation, Windsor brought renewed popularity, but with matching tie for smaller would-be Windsor knot, in restoring ancient ways reflect exquisite modern ideological trend in recent years. D。 Button down motile collar point to button on garment body, the original is a sport shirt, is only does not require in all shirts starched collar type. The typical American style, random nature, comfort and convenience. For more than one type led leisure shirt, such as denim shirt, many with tartan or polka dot design is given priority to, the general structure of pure cotton fabrics used fabric or Oxford spinning, but there are also some business shirt with buttons, tie purpose are fixed, so to match the fine silk tie knot, with fine knot tie only around a circle.
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