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Choose shape size T-shirt? What is the difference number M and L?

by:Teesso     2020-04-16
In online shopping for clothes, the most afraid of be shape is not appropriate, although the manufacturer has a reference table size, with the letters M, L, XL to mark shape, but the size chart is not a unified national standards, may both merchants on the clothes of the labeled M, but put together contrast knew that still has a gap, even the same business, the size of products in different material is different also, Materials such as cotton and lycra material) 。 For example, you usually wear a size M, then you directly place an order to buy online number M, a look back, small, although you can return it, but generally because of shape the reason return, merchants don't pack mail, so, buy clothes on the net, it is very important to choose standard shape, then how to choose? Actually, have specifications of products, such as clothes do not recommend direct order, before buying, be sure to consult customer service, ask the specific buy what shape, the newspaper's height, weight, general customer service will recommend the right shape, of course, customer service recommend not appropriate, this is because each person of clothing comfort feeling is different, some people like to loose a bit, someone likes to close some, as a result, the people of the same size, perhaps because of different tastes, and choose a different shape. We do suit to customize an order last year, we all know that suit custom clothes are tailor-made, generally fits me well, but there is a customer asked us to do his little some, actual production out put on behind, buttons can't do it, but he said to this effect, he is wearing a suit from the travel. So, this is the individual be fond of. In the types of clothes inside, short sleeve shirt.com.cn/t-shirt' target='_blank'>T-shirt shape should be the best choice. As far as I'm concerned, usually wear a size L, but next to M number to can wear XL, even 2 XL put on didn't feel so far. This is only for T-shirt, other kinds of clothing in this way may be not. What is the difference between each shape? As we all know, the clothing shape is generally use S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc, these usually have the corresponding parameters such as shoulder width, chest circumference, length. About a watch, we knew that, each, between adjacent shape parameters are generally differ in 3 - 5 cm. Because T-shirt is a good match, if we can't determine the shape, the right to choose the most insurance a bigger size.
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