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china approves 13 new ivanka trump trademarks in 3 months

by:Teesso     2019-09-28
The Associated Press found that Ivanka Trump\'s brand continued to win foreign trademarks in China and the Philippines, adding to the issue of conflicts of interest in the White House.
The Trademark Office records show that on Sunday, China approved 13 trademarks of the first daughter company in the past three months.
Meanwhile, the Chinese government has approved the temporary approval of eight other trademarks by Ivanka Trump\'s company, which can be finalized if no objections are made within three months
Monthly comment period.
All in all, these trademarks allow her brand to sell a lifetime of products in China, from baby blankets to coffins, and a range of products in, it includes perfumes, cosmetics, bowls, mirrors, furniture, books, coffee, chocolate and honey.
Ivanka Trump withdrew from her brand management and placed its assets in a family --
But she continues to profit from the business.
\"Ivanka Trump\'s refusal to withdraw from her business is particularly disturbing as the Ivanka brand continues to expand its business abroad,\" said Noah Binde, washington\'s executive director of civic responsibility and ethics said in an email on Monday.
\"It raises a major issue about corruption, because it invites her to potentially gain financial benefits from her position and from her father\'s position as president, or she may be affected by the state\'s treatment of her business.
With Ivanka Trump and her father building their global brand through licensing deals to a large extent, they pursue trademarks in dozens of countries.
These global trademarks attract the attention of ethical lawyers because they are granted by foreign governments and can bring great value.
Concerns about political influence are particularly acute in China. Chinese courts and bureaucracy are designed to reflect the will of the ruling Communist Party.
Chinese officials stressed that all trademark applications are handled according to law.
\"In the past few years, the brand has submitted, updated and strictly protected its international trademark in the normal course of operation, especially in areas where trademark infringement is rampant,\" Abigail Clem, the president of the Ivanka Trump brand said in an email.
\"We have recently seen a surge in trademark applications filed by unrelated third parties trying to take advantage of this name, and it is our responsibility to work to protect our trademarks.
There may be more approvals.
Online records from the China Trademark Office show that Ivanka Trump\'s company last applied for a trademark17 of them —
March 28, 2017, the day before her official inauguration at the White House.
These records on Monday show that at least 25 Ivanka Trump trademarks are pending review, 36 valid trademarks and 8 temporary approvals.
The brand database of the World Intellectual Property Organization also shows that her company Ivanka Trump mark LLC won three trademarks in the Philippines after her father took office.
Two of these companies, including underwear and baby clothing, submitted documents on February.
Registration is 6 months and November.
The third was submitted in March 1, 2017, covering clothing and footwear and registered in July.
The company registered trademarks for various reasons.
They may be a sign of corporate ambition, but in many countries, such as China, where trademark grabbing is rampant, companies will also take defensive measures to prevent counterfeiters from acquiring legitimate rights to brand names.
Trademarks are classified by category and may include items that the company does not intend to sell.
Some trademark lawyers also advise clients to register trademarks for goods made in China, even if they are not sold in China.
Ivanka Trump does not have a lot of retail operations in China, but customs records show that most of her company\'s operations in the United StatesS.
Import goods from China.
The brand\'s mysterious Chinese supply chain has been controversial.
On Monday a year ago, three men worked at China Labor Watch in New York. based non-
The profit group was arrested while investigating Ivanka Trump\'s labor abuses at Chinese suppliers.
They were released on bail 30 days after being detained but still under police surveillance.
Li Qiang, founder of the group, said on Monday that he hopes to release bail soon and that the case will not be tried.
Police in the detained southeastern Chinese city of Ganzhou could not be reached for comment.
Chinese law firms dealing with Ivanka Trump\'s intellectual property rights in China also did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
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