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celebrities make products for kids

by:Teesso     2019-09-24
Ryan Seacrest is working on a new children\'s show for Nickelodeon, tentatively titled \"Go Viral \".
This reminds us of other celebrities who create products for our children.
From Anne Hathaway of Glee, Sharon Osborne to Chris Colver, find out what these celebrities have done for their youngest fans in their spare time.
Ryan Seacrest will create a new Nickelodeon program for the children, tentatively named \"Go Viral \". ’’ It’s a half-
The hour game show will feature children contestants competing around the elimination challenge of viral videos.
Ryan Seacrest Productions, which has sold 40 games shows, says it reflects the way children consume entertainment today. “The Talk’’ co-
Host Sharon Osborne, the wife of rock singer Oz Osborne, has been the mainstay of American television.
This fall, she added children\'s writers to her resume.
Her title is \"\", based on the role of mother Osborne\'s mother hook in Disney\'s teen animation program \"Jack and the pirates of Neverland.
\"It\'s characterized by mom Hook recalling her experience of never going out to sea.
If you\'re a fan of Anne Hathaway, she can now put your child to bed. She performs L.
\"\" By Frank Baum on the tape.
The audiobook released last year is part of the audiobook. com’s “The A-
List Collection, a new collection of audiobooks told by Hollywood stars.
Hathaway imagined reading to her cousins in her performance. Aww!
Jessica Alba offers a range of natural and safe products for families.
The company specifically designs and manufactures its own products with the aim of reducing the presence of toxic chemicals in the environment and minimizing waste by using natural, organic, renewable and raw materials.
Prepare diapers, wipes, teethers and other products for your baby.
Buy soap, toothpaste, sunscreen and more for your child.
There is no doubt that Gwen Stefani has been talking about style all the time.
She shows her funky style to the world\'s smallest rock singer through her children\'s clothing collection, which Target offers.
We will definitely see her punk impact on some of the pieces, such as a small blue coat with black arms, shoulder design and interior stripes.
Tori Spelling plays Donna in Beverly Hills 90210 and star in oxygen\'s reality show Tori & Dean: sweet Hollywood House, she has proven her passion for creating products for children outside the screen.
Last year, the mother of four children launched a dress called the children\'s clothing series.
She is also the author of a children\'s book, which was written in 2011.
Chris Colfer from Glee has proven that he can do more than just sing and dance.
He will also write.
Colfer, who was filmed with castlemart Lee Michel at the People\'s Choice Award, released a series of books called \"fantasy books for the children.
Jessica Simpson has created a fashion empire that sells everything from maternity clothes to jeans, shoes, sunglasses to handbags.
About a year ago, the mother of two children, along with her sister Ashley, launched a children\'s costume series called Jessica Simpson girl.
Six years ago, Oprah Winfrey opened the Oprah Winfrey women\'s college in South Africa.
The mission of the school is to provide educational and leadership opportunities for girls with academic talent from a poor background.
Winfrey held what she called \"the biggest court auction ever\" earlier this month, selling personal belongings in her five houses to raise money for the college.
Rock singer Neil Young, who has two sons with cerebral palsy, invented a special wireless remote control.
Control paddle allowed for children (and adults)
Power it by leaning your head against the model train.
The musician is a 3,000 square foot train model enthusiast
There are several feet of trains and tracks in the barn.
Childhood TV star Sun Moon Fry was known for wearing mismatched colors and patterns when he appeared in punk Brewster.
\"Today, she sells organic clothing for her children on her website.
The garment is made of 100% raw cotton and organic cotton at a low price. impact dyes.
Next year, you will see Julianne Moore play President Alma Coin in Hunger Games: Laughing at Jay.
When she is not on the big screen, she is writing for the children what it feels like to have freckles in her \"book.
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