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can you tell the £18.50 supermarket baby clothes from a £645 designer outfit? femail pits gucci against asda and trendy ethical brands to find out if it\'s really worth parents splashing out

by:Teesso     2019-08-13
Since there is such a wide range of baby clothes at all prices in stores and online, it is never easy for parents to wear their own little treasures to reflect their fashion sense.
Despite the many affordable options, the sky is the limit at the exclusive end of the market.
Baby Chase, nine months old, FEMAIL asked her mother Alexandra Maynard from London about her thoughts on the five outfits in the budget
Bring the designer\'s equipment to a more affordable market.
Alexandra did not know how much each dress would cost before giving us her thoughts on each dress.
\"Chase is my second child,\" said Alexandra.
\"He has a sister, Scarlett-this time, I picked clothes for him that are easy to wear, and most importantly, clothes that are easy to wash.
\"In warm weather, he often only wears a vest and a diaper, but I do like to dress him when the weather is special.
Over the next few months we will have some family events, including weddings, so I will be looking for some lovely clothes to help him stand out from all the other kids there.
I think it will be a very expensive outfit as most items have designer names on the outside and Gucci stripes on jeans are very unique.
All the clothes are soft and easy to wear-they have clever openings, like poppers and jeans on one side of the neck opening on a blue jersey, with a poppers instead of a button, this makes it much easier to dress the twisted baby.
\"The shoes are tightly tied with Velcro, which is much simpler than trying to tie the laces or buckles.
This is an eye.
White shoes, red and green stripes, look beautiful.
I don\'t know if I will choose this light colored shoes though, as they will soon reveal dirt.
They are a bit stupid for me too!
Total price: 645 (
Jeans, Gucci, £ 165;
Jersey with lion logo (on shoulders), Kenzo, £76;
Polo shirt, Gucci, £ 164;
Gucci sneakers, £ 240)
Harvey Nichols (harveynichols. com)
\"If we had a very special opportunity to go where I knew my friends and their children would wear designer clothes, I might have chosen something like this, but he will grow up a few months after spending a lot of money.
Although parents may want to wear designer clothes for their children, it is sad that many baby clothes were worn only two or three times before they were discarded.
As many of us are now working to become more eco-friendly, the idea of making sure that clothes are worn multiple times is quickly gaining traction.
Founder of the ecological era (
Prove the sustainability of the company)
Livia Firth recently started the 30 wear campaign, trying to make sure we will consider if we will wear it multiple times before buying the outfit.
Inspired by this, Shoshana Kazab, who has spent a career in fashion public relations for luxury children, decided to be pre-
Dear designer kidswear, make sure it has a longer life, wears it many times and supports a more sustainable fashion style.
The current stock of more than 150 labels includes Burberry children\'s clothing group, Gucci, moncler and Ralph Lauren, which allows parents to buy high-quality clothes from birth to 14 years of age at a price of 80 lower than the original retail price.
It has donated up to sales to the NSPCC and unsold items to small villages, a charity that gives away clothes to homeless and poor families.
The dress looks really expensive, Alexandra said, and the lining of the Burberry jacket is easy to identify, so I think it will be one of the most expensive options.
There are a few brands here that I\'m not familiar with-Mary Chantal and Step2wo-but they look well done and the pants are nice and soft.
The Ralph Lauren logo on the vest and shirt is easy to identify and all items look good in quality and luxurious.
\"I really like these shiny brown shoes-Prince Harry is wearing brown shoes in the photo of Archie baptism, with a gray suit, and looks stylish but casual.
This is a very traditional look, which is quite different from the more casual way I usually wear chase suits, but for events like weddings or birthday parties it will be
Burberry jackets cost £ 267
New price at £ 170), £65;
Marie Chantal, (Navy rope trousers)
Price when new 69)£28;
Ralph Lauren blue plaid shirt (
Price at £ 65 new)£29;
Ralph Lauren\'s light blue knit vest (
Price at £ 50 new)£20;
Leather shoes in Brown, Step2wo (
The price of the new 59. 50)£20.
Children\'s wear collective ownership (
Group of childrencom).
\"I am very surprised at the cost of these works, because although they are from well-
Well known designers, they are actually used, so more affordable.
Although they are clearly well taken care of, they are not worn very often because they are all original.
I might choose a few of them for Chase to wear without having to think too much about the price.
More and more of the three brands are purchasing organic fabrics for their clothes, ensuring that their workers have fair wages and conditions, and ensuring that other ethical boxes are checked.
Frugi is a company that makes ethical choices in the supply chain, from working with Indian farmers who produce organic cotton (
Mainstream cotton is one of the most sprayed crops with pesticides and fertilizers)
Make welding and raincoats with reusable plastic bottles.
They design clothing in Cornwall and donate every year to children\'s cause and wildlife charities.
\'I really like these clothes-they are all easy to wear with cute animals and vehicle characters on it,\' said Alexandra.
I really like the decals cars on the jumpers, they look luxurious, sweet and attractive to kids.
\"These clothes look fun and fun, and I chase something like this every day.
They felt they were also easy to wash and didn\'t need ironing, which was great for a busy mom.
Total number of suits: 120Kal knitted jumper (
Around the shoulder)£34;
£ 19 wind-proof trousers;
19-piece Mammoth Bobbi decal long sleeve top; Little Socks (3 pack)£12;
Leather midi shoes, red, Poco Nido 36 36, all of which are very fair prices for their quality and I am happy to find that they are also made of organic cotton.
\"I \'ve recently read a lot about finding clothes that are better for the Earth, so it\'s nice to know that if I buy them, they don\'t damage the environment, and I\'m also protecting Chase\'s future.
\"I think I will be prepared to spend a little more, not only to know that these clothes are organic, but also because they are very soft to his skin and feel very good quality.
\"I like how soft these shoes are-I think they are genuine leather, but they are very soft and don\'t crush his toes or feel uncomfortable.
He is too young to walk, but when it gets cold, or on special occasions, he can wear these shoes and keep his little toes warm with some lovely socks.
\"From the first day of Prince George, Kate has put on a very retro, traditional costume for her little boy and his sister Charlotte and brother Louis as her late mother --in-
The law of Princess Diana;
Kate picks clothes from Spanish brands such as neck and neck, Pepa and Co, as well as London\'s delicious mom\'s favorite pig trotters, Amaia Kids and Rachel Riley.
The most popular JoJo Maman Bé on the street offers clothes similar to the traditional look, and their clothes are priced at a more affordable price on the market, so, if you\'re looking for a traditional royal style without a boutique budget, they\'re worth a look.
We chose a matching suit for Chase to try.
\'I don\'t usually go to such an old place,\' Alexandra said.
Looks stylish on Chase and I\'ll choose a more modern outfit or sportswear pants, but he does look sweet in this dress-just like a little prince!
\"I think it would be ideal if we went with all the family for a very traditional wedding or a big Sunday lunch.
The body suit is really easy to wear as it has poppers on the neck opening and poppers on the bottom-keeping his diapers in place is really helpful!
He can also wear his own suit on very hot days, and the collar is very sweet.
\"The overalls are more comfortable and easier to wear than some of the pants, because they stay up late no matter how he twist-he\'s just starting to crawl, so these will help.
The duck in front is also very cute.
I also like how soft these shoes are and don\'t limit his feet at all.
Total clothing: 57.
22 duck rope overalls, 12 Peter Pan baby tights, 15 children\'s canvas shoes, socks (3 pack)£8.
50, all JoJo Maman Bé (jojomamanbebe. co. uk)
\"It\'s a very fair price for these items, and if they look like the more expensive one the Duchess of Cambridge has chosen, it\'s even better!
My friends will think I can shop at the luxury store in Chelsea.
\"I like how easy it is to wear these clothes because they are all very common and you can mix and match them with other items to change the look.
Five gender clothing
Baby neutral clothing is becoming more and more popular among parents with many options.
Most of the larger baby clothing companies now offer gender
The neutral or neutral part of their website, as well as the traditional whites and lemons that parents have always chosen before they know the child\'s gender.
We chose an option from ASDA\'s cheap brand George, known for its keen price points and celebrity links --ups.
This is a lovely outfit, Alexandra said, and maybe it will be a little warm in the hot summer, but the legs of the overalls are long, so, I should think, when your child is young, you can roll them up, he will grow into them, they can still be in autumn.
This tights can be worn with other clothes, such as soft pants, or placed under a sleeping bag at night.
Bibs are really useful because he is now in the early stages and he has been dribbling.
\"I didn\'t really think about buying men and women\'s clothes for Chase, many of the clothes we bought, or the clothes our friends and family gave us, all in blue or bright colors.
I never thought about choosing Gray for the baby, but actually it fits perfectly with his skin tone and blue eyes!
Total clothing: 18.
50 white dinosaur jumpsuit, 12 gray overalls and 3 socks (5 pairs)
3, dribble bib. 50 (for three)
George of ASDA (direct. asda. com/george).
\"I really didn\'t expect this to be George from ASDA-I think their clothes would look cheaper --
But the suit is a nice soft piece of cotton, and the overalls look like real wool.
\"I really like this bag of bibs, you can buy some at this price, wash some, change some.
I will definitely consider buying something from them in the future that he wears every day.
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