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by:Teesso     2019-08-18
Bright colors on Milan\'s stylish runway illuminate the 2013 summer men\'s horizon
At the men\'s pre-show on the day, it is clear that Italian designers are looking forward to a sunny summer in 2013.
Bold shades of blue, red, yellow, and green, plus pink, orange, turquoise and lime, illuminate the current runway and bloom in color like fireworks in July 4.
Monochrome, double
Shades, fluorescent or metal, they provide extra energy for classic suits, suits and coats or cotton casual pants.
The only designer who has so far avoided talking about the new color movement is ducabana, who prefers Sicily black and Thomas Mayr because they insist on conservative brown and blue.
But Michael is crazy about flowers and geometric patterns everywhere.
However, he darkened the effect and covered his large print with a delicate organza, a fabric usually female.
The overall outline of the summer is the casual side, slim but not tight
Fitted trousers, a comfortable jacket and a light coat, including a raincoat, a pilot jacket and a wind suit.
Although bold in color, the fabric is light from cotton to silkThrough organza.
The bag is large and spacious, usually with shoulder straps for easy carrying.
Shoes are athletic, the rebirth of sneakers and simple training shoes, usually bright fluorescent shades.
There are also sturdy leather sandals and classic lace
Updated color sole, Ups. ----
Prada always performs a wonderful performance.
Sunday night, the second day of the 2013 summer men\'s pre-show, the designer\'s latest collection shows joy, liveliness and simplicity enough to ensure the brand\'s reputation as the most avant-garde brand
Beautiful Italian fashion avant-garde.
Young lads and mature lads, dressed in redesigned sportswear, walked down the sloping, pristine white track.
Prada starts with white and creates a whole series and a whole new look
The band theme of the sportswear project.
First, she put the white strap on the inside of her trouser leg instead of the outside, and then she was accompanying T-shirt top.
Like a theme music change, imaginative designers split the band into different components of the summer wardrobe from shirts to jackets to coats.
As the show went on, the band changed color and became bigger and bigger, eventually appearing in the form of two bands
The simple polo shirt or jacket has a tone effect on the lapels.
At the same time, the white straps also appear under the armrests of the light raincoat or become cross straps of flat leather sandals.
Prada is not content to limit the new invention to the male group, but to limit his-and-
Most of the costumes are in her version.
However, for girls, T-
The shirt is made of luxurious dyed fur.
All female models wear a tennis band on their heads to highlight the athletic feel of the series.
Prada\'s new bag is versatile for men and women.
It is large and square, and can be carried by hand or twice as many as overnight. ----
The latest BOTTEGA Veneta collection is inspired by a jumper-
Or as Thomas Mayr, creative director, said
\"A top that you pull over your head.
\"In his fashion notes for the summer 2013 men\'s wear collection, the designer points out that this jumper is a generic piece that can be found in both traditional and contemporary culture.
Maier did not add that the Bottega Veneta jumper is more than just any jumper.
The designers incorporate manufacturing expertise, fabric and attention to detail into this seemingly simple outfit, all of which are different.
In fact, many of his summer clothes lovers.
Textile wool or cotton silk, gently touch the body, give a relaxed and elegant feeling.
Sometimes wearing comfortable nine-point pants and these clothes;
At other times, their skirts hang down under the jacket of cotton suits.
There\'s a lot of lace in this season\'s Bottega Veneta shirt/jumper
The front is reminiscent of the border deer skin costume, especially when they come in
Soft suede lint with tassel boots. A V-
Side neck cashmere jumper
For extra free seam zipper.
The outline of summer is moving without losing its class.
The jacket and trousers fit perfectly. Colous -
Unlike the fancy shades seen on many men\'s runways at the moment --
From beige to tobacco, or a series of quiet blues, it is a calm shade of brown.
Mell also left a loud print for his colleagues, who preferred a delicate floral print that would fade into the fabric of the jacket and jumper, or make up a suit or trousers covered up by a subtle layer of transparent tissue.
This round of the famous Bottega Veneta bag is oversized and is made of functional brown leather with slender straps that can pass through the body.
It all looks so simple, but somehow no other designer can do the complicated craftsmanship behind the collection so calmly. ----
Versace has been fighting for fashion.
Next summer, she puts on a man\'s clothes suitable for the ancient Roman arena to face today\'s difficult world.
\"The new gladiator is young.
I want to see them fight for a goal, \"she told reporters ahead of Saturday night\'s show, which ended the first day of the 2013 summer Milan men\'s clothing preview.
The designer used a bare
Wearing a gold-plated warrior belt, a wrestling suitcase and a high-chest model
This centurion sandals are made of modern sneakers.
Throughout the show, Versace returned to the subject of the gladiator and decorated T-
Shirt and gown with gold-plated embroidery, pair centurion sandals with evening dress and offer Rome-
The inspiration for a light coat comes from boxer robes.
When she wasn\'t in the arena, Versace was inspired by the Memphis Group --
The 1980s furniture movement, which is in sharp contrast to the traditional home style, has chosen a rich and colorful style.
She uses the famous graphic print to add vitality to classic suits as well as summer shirts and tote bags.
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