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brick lane: reflects tensions of post 9/11 world

by:Teesso     2019-08-18
Starring Tanisa Chatterjee, satesh Kaushik and Christopher Simpson.
According to Monica Ali\'s novel.
Directed by Sarah Garfield. 102 minutes.
In Cumberland, Canada Square, Kennedy House of Commons and Winston Churchill.
When the same is true of a novel
As the written and emotional participation of Brick Lane, it takes a certain sensitivity to successfully adapt the film. First-
Sarah gaffon, the time director, learned from literature that to achieve a universal story, you have to stick to it.
Robbie Ryan, her photography director, understood.
The rich, sexy captured details of Brick Lane give the film the power to bring the audience to a very special location and time, which is usually a woman in a poor village in Bangladesh
Nazneen and her sister Hasina lived a carefree life, running barefoot along the dirt road through fields full of wild flowers in a small village in Bangladesh.
Like little girls, they dream of a princess trapped in a tall tower growing up and getting married.
\"Your King will come and take you away,\" they sang . \".
Their mother told them that \"the test of life is to endure\" and she could not bear it.
She drowned in the river.
In order to reduce the chance of eating, their father found a man willing to marry his daughter.
He is well educated and much older.
He lives abroad in London.
Unseen sight, Chanu Ahmed was accepted as husband of Nazneen.
She launched her new life on a small wooden boat, a big gold ring running through her nose. The story fast-
16 years forward, as Nazian (
Tannishtha Ji)
She is still dressed in brightly colored silk sari and is maintaining a home for her \"King\", a name called Chanu (Satish Kaushik).
Their small apartment is filled with the books of Chanu, located in a residential project called Hamlet tower in Brick Lane.
Their 14-year-old daughter, Shahana, and 10-year-old Bibi, are brown.
English girl with Oriental skinend accents.
Nazneen suppressed her loneliness, and in addition to writing letters to her sister, she has always maintained nostalgia for her life in Bangladesh.
Hasina tells her many romantic stories and men who take care of her.
Brick Lane is a love story with a social background.
Political background including attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. 11, 2001.
This has changed everything about the immigrant community of Nazian, who are now seen as enemies of the state.
The turning point of the story is intrinsic.
Written by Nazneen (
A very literary device)
In a letter to my sister: \"No one told me that I had different kinds of love.
There is a big start, slowly worn out.
There is something that you didn\'t notice at first, like a pearl that grows around a grain of sand.
Indian actor Chatterjee brought nazyann to life in a surprising way.
This part requires her to retire, be modest and speak very little.
She only left the small apartment for shopping and was always on the local street.
Chatterjee projects the inner state of natznien with her dark black eyes, sometimes captured by the camera to the shimmer of the surface.
As Chanu, Kaushik is extraordinary and the character asks him to be a buffet but a loving person who is smart under his ego
Strengthen your attitude, ambition, and happiness.
And his reluctant daughter on a sightseeing tour of London, sari-
The proud father, carrying a baseball cap, wrapped in binoculars, cameras, and Bermuda shorts, surrounded him in the middle of his giant.
He\'s a clown-at least in the eyes of his family-but he\'s a little cute when he leads them to a tour guide to Buckingham Palace.
\"If you have history, you are proud,\" he said . \"
Christopher Simpson is indeed simmers, a fabric deliveryman who will play a key role in the life of Nazian.
Gavron and writers Abi Morgan and Laura Jones in the way the community is portrayed in Brick Lane there is no sign of a strong opposition from the British to the family --The rise of terrorism
Instead, we see through these characters, especially Nazian, who has facilitated the reshaping of herself, and the community will now suffer the worst discrimination and \"Pakistan\" bashing.
Chanu expressed a rational view of Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism.
At a community meeting of the Bengal tiger, he stood up and touched his heart and said, \"My Islam is here, the only thing worth defending.
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