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benetton ads: clashing colors

by:Teesso     2019-09-21
When a baby is pulled out of a woman\'s womb for examination, the parent\'s usual reaction is instant love.
But what if a sports clothing manufacturer chose the same special moment and, despite the confusion, the baby was still covered with blood and mucus and advertised for its goods?
When parents raise their children to celebrate their ethnic identity and appreciate the differences of others, they look for images that reflect this diversity.
But what happens when a magazine ad uses a smiling white girl and a gloomy black boy with a hair twisted into a corner? The company that sponsored the ads claimed it was a statement of racial harmony?
Italian sportswear company benatone has once again sparked heated discussions about the image of the family, race, sex and religion.
3 of the 7 ads are new $3.
The 5 million Movement was criticized by the noise and, in some cases, rejected by the national magazine.
Some critics are crying badly, disgusting. -
In an advertisement describing a kiss between a nun and a priest ---sacrilegious.
Other critics, review black people
White ads, see a shocking retreat when black images are often a symbol of evil, stupidity, and slavery.
\"I think we are a progressive and diverse society, but strictly defined,\" said Peter friessora, director of North American Communications at Benetton.
\"Certain images and certain messages are appropriate only in certain contexts, and they are arbitrary in the context considered acceptable, sometimes based on the knee-jerk values.
\"There is debate again about the vague boundaries of ownership of these images.
This is often the case, Keenen Ivory Wayans or Richard Pryor suggests that imperfections in black society are OK, but does Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani have the right to repeat the negative
\"Toscani wants to eliminate stereotypes by showing it,\" said friessora . \".
\"Maybe this is a bit overdone --intellectual.
I\'m not trying to get down to the critics, but he took a sensible approach, which is an adventure given the strength of the image and the lack of copy companionship, says flessora.
Benatone said its campaign \"benatone uniform color\" is an endorsement of its sportswear color and multi-ethnic models and is considered a promoter of racial diversity.
The company seems to recognize the color difference between blacks, thus making itself different, Latino and Asian, and avoiding the use of models that prompted speculation about whether blacks were black or not.
In addition, Benetton was recognized by consumers for using the same ads worldwide, which sent a firm message that the diversity of colors should be celebrated.
\"This is an unfortunate misconception,\" said friessora.
He said he had heard from some customers.
\"We do not intend to return to the position we represent.
\"All the creative work was done by Benetton.
Earlier, a black hand and a white hand were handcuffed, and a group of soft condoms and a white baby sucked black breasts and also caused a strong
This time.
B \'nai B \'rith\'s slanderous coalition says the company \"has ignored simple etiquette standards.
This seems to be a campaign that emphasizes shock and concern --
Getting the equipment, benatone is now trivial, taunt, profane and offensive religious values--
In this case, especially the Catholic Church.
\"Some people who criticize the current campaign believe that the trust built in the past has been violated.
\"One of the problems that benaitong faces is that people are angry that the style of a fashion company is based on the fashion established by black and black designers \", the company will produce a head of advertising history collection that consists of two children to restore the old stereotype historian farth Davis Ruffen said the Smithsonian Institution.
Deputy Curator Lori Sims on the 20 th
Century art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, see Black
As a continuation of the image \"deconstruction\", White advertising ---
Steal the image and use it incorrectly and with disrespect. \"The over-
The 40 viewers were educated in a very classic way, and we know the meaning of these images.
Young people of any race or class do not have the same vaccination.
\"Organizations like MTV have done a lot of work to deconstruct these images, and that\'s problematic,\" Sims said . \".
It\'s not Aunt Jemima, it\'s not golden twin, it\'s black-
White ads will also send the same alarm.
Called the Devil-
In benaitong\'s Angel ad, white girls have blue eyes, ruddy cheeks and the gaze of kind people.
The Black Boy looked scared, only his eyes brought light to his face.
His hair combed into Taff who looked like a horn.
Mary Anne Sommers knew immediately that she could not accept black people.
White ads for children\'s magazines.
\"It\'s Little Black Sambo and Shirley Temple.
It\'s a bit racist . \"
She praised the company as a way to support her rejection of benatong.
\"I say to them, \'Let\'s first commend you on the subject of national peace and harmony.
However, we are concerned about the white people now --black, angel-
Our readers will think that the devil\'s theme reinforces negative racial stereotypes.
\"On a recent trip to Italy, Sommers visited the advertising department of benatone and asked about the ideas behind the sport.
\"I told them about our race. . . .
I stress that we must be very sensitive.
They said to promote national harmony.
\"They have the Pat party line,\" she said . \".
Although he also feels that benaitong has an admirable record on successful inflammatory advertising, Alex Milonovich, publisher of teen girl magazine YM, believes
White advertising is not a risk worth taking.
\"I think it\'s a beautiful shot, two beautiful kids.
At first I thought the boy\'s hair was cat\'s ear.
But I am afraid that people will misunderstand that the boy\'s hair is a corner.
No one at Benetton will explain the ad when our readers go through the magazine, \"he said.
Carol Smith, the publisher of parenting, has been thinking for a long time about the advertising that describes the two children.
She even asked the advertising agency J.
Walter Thompson, what is the purpose.
\"I listened and I decided to do so, according to their explanation. . .
Our campaign is to promote unity around the world. . .
\"It\'s logical,\" Smith said.
So far, she said, the advertisement, published in the August issue of parenting, has triggered several calls and two letters.
\"I am confused about it, not anger and hostility, but more.
What made you accept?
The International Metropolis published the advertisement in The October issue.
\"Of course I don\'t mind.
\"I don\'t think it\'s evocative or provocative,\" publisher Seth Hoyt said . \". The devil-
Angel ads evoke frequent use of light, Ruffins saidand-dark-
Skin contrast between the late 19 th and early 20 th century: \"By 1930, as many as 30% of American ads used stereotypical racial images.
It is common in soap and black shoes. . .
Coffee, chocolate.
Ruffins is wrong to think Benetton is not aware of this, \"in the United States it is considered a part of a long history. . . .
I suspect benaitong knows the history of negative descriptions.
The company has been involved in a field that is likely to lose goodwill from its early ads.
\"Increasing the heat of this debate is a new study of the advertising industry.
Invisible people in New York City\'s consumer affairs department found that African-Americans accounted for only 3% of the national magazine ads, and Asian-Americans accounted for only 1%.
In a newborn advertisement in benaitong, a girl was photographed a few seconds after she was born.
Her cord is still attached.
She was red, her eyes closed tightly, kicked back to her leg and stretched out her arm in the first reflex outside the uterus.
The reaction to this art is personal.
Even Gail Carlisle, J. \'S account manager
Walter Thompson admitted she was \"startled \".
\"Cosmopolitan\'s Hoyt conducted his own unscientific survey of women in his family and office.
\"The younger the woman, the more negative the reaction.
Older women with children have become accustomed to the appearance of new babies.
But she would say, \'I don\'t know what they want to say,\' said Hoyt.
Finally, he decided, \"it didn\'t seem to be the right thing at the time.
\"In Self, the advertisement was S. I. Newhouse Jr.
There is a problem with the chair of the Conde Nast publication.
\"I think this is very provocative and has a place in my magazine,\" said Alexandra Penney, publisher of the self . \".
She thinks it will fill in the lack of memory that her readers have as much as she does.
\"When I had my own child, I couldn\'t remember that moment clearly.
\"I\'m glad to see it,\" Penny said . \".
When the parent\'s Smith saw the ad, she thought it was perfect for her audience.
\"I said, \'I have never had a child with my God!
It\'s easy for us to accept because that\'s what we have to face.
Our magazine is based on having children and then raising them.
\"The consensus here is that American audiences feel that childbirth is private . \"
The child refused the advertisement.
New babies will be raised by parents in December.
The ad was published in the August issue of fashion and self.
Essence and Elle have rejected the ads, according to published reports.
This is hard to understand by the banatone mural.
He remembers being ordered to watch a television show about childbirth at a Catholic grammar school on Staten Island.
\"Our living room is allowed to project here.
Maybe there\'s a problem with the magazine sitting there.
\"In real life and movies, the scene is moving,\" he said . \". As a self-
Description fall
He is a Catholic and knows a nun, says friessora.
The priest\'s advertisement will be criticized.
Conservative Catholics don\'t find it funny.
It\'s a pity, \"he said.
Its intention is to \"convey universal love, and it does go beyond conventions and taboos. . . .
A kiss should always be right.
\"Rolling Stone accepted the advertisement in November.
\"In today\'s information overload, anything that makes people think is good,\" said Penny of Self . \".
\"This is an image in which images are more powerful than explanations,\" says Ruffins of the Smithsonian Institution . \".
Benetton was certainly pleased with the discussion.
The United States accounts for 10% to 15% of the company\'s global business;
Over the past year, benatone has been reorganizing to adapt to changes from the main sale of folded sweaters to hanging clothes, fressora said.
Benatone did not shy away from the current concerns.
\"If you think the company is not taking this into account, we will be disingenuous,\" said friessora . \".
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