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baby clothes rack w/ leather basket hangers

by:Teesso     2019-09-22
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Obviously the nursery needs a closet but we don\'t have it so we came up with a DIY job.
Good news. We like it very much. I hope you can do so.
Similar to the store display rack, we built a practical but stylish baby hanger.
You can also see the full blog post in the following locations :(affiliate):(2)Pine 2×2″s(2)
Round Poplar dowelsWood glue1 \"finishing DingTalk\" deck ironing board
Classical William Pro®Water-based coatings (
Bird\'s tail and bright white)
Heavy leather blades (affiliate)
: Miter sawSpeed squareDrill Press 1 \"forstner bitNail gunNap cut two pine trees 2 × 2\" s into four pieces.
Make an elevated cut of two long pieces (equal length)
For the side of the rack and two short pieces (equal length)
For the top and bottom of the rack.
Using a frame square, the mark is 6 inch apart, indicating the drilling position of each hole.
The distance between the space and the top and bottom is equal.
We use the drill bit with 1 \"forstner drill bit to drill holes on the side block to prevent each hole from going through the back of the board.
Use the wood glue and 1 \"\" finish nail to connect the four pieces of the frame together.
Before DingTalk, use the frame square to double check that everything is square.
For additional strength, drill a pilot hole and fix the various parts of the frame together using the 3 \"trim screws at the top and bottom.
Two 48 \"long pin rods are cut into 12\" pieces using a herringbone saw.
Paint the frame of the baby hanger using the nap roller to create a smooth surface.
Then, use a smaller brush to paint in the holes of the frame and pin.
We recommend Sherwin-
Classical William Pro®Water-based paint, because it is cabinet-grade, can withstand the abuse of hangers.
Tap a few times with a rubber mallet and insert the pin rod into the hole of the hanger frame.
You want a more modular design that is slightly polished at the end of each pin to create a loose fit that allows each pin to be inserted and removed by hand.
Install the rack by screwing the rack into the wall column and using a level to make sure the rack is on the wall.
Remove the handle from the cheap wire basket and sew the 1 \"wide leather ring on the metal basket with embroidered floss so they can be hung on the pin rod.
Cut a shelf 1/2 deep on a piece of 10 inch \"plywood with the same width as the shelf.
The second piece of plywood is then cut 10 inch deep and 2 inch wide.
Two boards and smaller block centers are connected to larger blocks using wood glue.
Finally, put the plywood shelf on a set of pins. That\'s it!
We hope you enjoy this project and we hope you enjoy more similar projects.
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