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around town: golfers with power to give

by:Teesso     2019-08-13
The irony is that Tim comoder is not because of how much he is.
Before the start of the Victoria Golf Club on Thursday morning, take charge of the work of the golf shotgun.
After a sunny summer, comoud woke up in the dark clouds and drizzle. “Really?
He asked with a smile.
During the charity golf tournament, the prospect of 120 golfers having to play in the pouring rain is getting slim --
Until the sky is bright.
It adds a sense of adventure, which is a key factor in the power of his charitable adventure therapy organization.
The founder and executive director said: \"We are exploring outdoors . . . . . . Mother Nature will decide what is necessary, \"the organization encourages young people and families in need of support to discover their potential through nature --based programs.
\"All we can do is hope that all the efforts we put in return,\" he said . \"
Between a golf tournament at goostavson capital and a private dinner at Little Oak atrium on Thursday night and a live auction --
The home of longtime supporters Peter and Ali Gustafsson
Raised $180,000 to support volunteers
Its initiatives include wilderness schools and adaptive entertainment.
Familiar faces include Vancouver Canada general manager Mike Gillis, assistant GM Lawrence Gilman, former Canadian center Manny marhorra, Ryan o\'simon Whitfield and Toronto Maple Leaf defender Victoria kathy Campbell-Pascall, three-
Time women\'s hockey Olympic and hockey Night in hockey Canada. Campbell-
Paso said playing hockey on the lane would help.
Calgary-\"you have the core power, you have the same movement, you have the precise delivery.
Said the athlete.
\"But you can\'t slam the golf club like a slam [hockey]sticks.
Gilis admitted that he was not Tiger Woods and said he was there to support a great cause despite the rain.
\"Almost all the charity work we do involves [children]including]
\"Children with disabilities and autism, so we understand the challenges they face when trying to do regular activities,\" Gillis said . \".
He replied with a smile that watching his daughter play hockey can help him play golf.
\"Her hockey has nothing to do with my golf,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"In fact, I don\'t play much.
Malhotra came at the invitation of friend Tim Quocksister, a board member who donated a black 2014 Maserati as a hole --in-one prize.
Other awards include two Rolex watches and a $10,000 Power Be.
We can\'t help but ask the baby of this amiable free agent --
The blue shorts may have been inspired by the father.
Marhorra and his wife Joanne Nash, a native of Victoria, have two young sons.
And the Book of Isaiah.
\"These days, I don\'t really play with the kids,\" Malhotra said . \".
\"It\'s hard to justify leaving the house for six hours.
Other colorful golfers include Bruce Courtnall
With bright orange
Red polo shirt with pastel
Green checkered shorts
And the sunny Dell Gann.
Yellow golf casual pants seem to be wishful thinking, weather-wise. Gann, who co-
Created the Corporate Challenge power to play with Cormode, joking that he put on yellow pants to show off himself
His son, a talented golfer and UVic Vikes player, was naturally annoyed.
\"He really didn\'t like it when I put them on, but hopefully it will bring sunshine.
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