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anti-trump protests staged at u.s. women\'s open

by:Teesso     2019-09-01
Bedminster, New Jersey (Reuters)-
After three rounds of calm at Trump\'s National Golf Club, things became more intense in the last round of American golf on Sunday. S.
Women as militant groups openly protest against the United StatesS.
President Donald Trump
Long before Trump officially entered politics, there were calls to change the game to the Trump National Championship in 2012, and women\'s groups angered by his campaign rhetoric and behavior found them disgusted with women.
The first local activists waved pink umbrellas on warm, sunny days and wrote messages on their white T-shirts
Put a shirt in front of the Trump National Club. “RESIST!
\"This is the information in front, because seven women wear one character on each chest.
Then they turned around and formed the message \"This is not normal.
The national team UV waited until they saw President Trump enter his private viewing box, which was on Green 15, tee 16 and 18 before they showed a message on their purple T-shirtshirts -
\"USGA: Trump who abandoned gender discrimination \".
\"Our shirts are our message,\" said Melissa Bourne of Philadelphia, a spokesman for the UV group . \".
\"We want USGA to abandon Trump for gender discrimination because women and men should ensure their safety and sex offenders are not considered sports ambassadors.
Byrne told Reuters that before four protesters showed their message to another member, they wanted to look straight into President Trump\'s eyes.
\"He saw us, saw us on the 45 th, we are here, I can judge the way they all saw us by chattering and the way they looked at us, she said 45 years about the United StatesS.
The president and his staff.
Hope Singsen in New York City was one of those who demonstrated for ultraviolet rays, and earlier in the day he organized a team of teams outside the venue to express their displeasure with the United StatesS.
Chief executive
\"Like millions of men and women, I am a victim of sexual violence,\" Singsen told Reuters . \".
\"I \'ve always been sick of the fact that people with this guy\'s past and the fun of abusing women are in this leadership position.
\"Anything I can do to change this situation, I will do it there.
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