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american history of women in the 1980s

by:Teesso     2019-09-04
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Women\'s WomenAfter works many of the 1980 s were also the most influential in the 1960 s and 1970 s, widely anticipated for 1980 s of time and upbeat inspiration.
The Vietnam war has passed, the conspiracy of the water gate incident and the resignation of Richard Nixon have passed, and most people want to be able to inspire their leaders, who can admire them.
So in the fall of 1980, American voters elected former film star Ronald Reagan as president.
With his conservative fiscal philosophy and his firm stance against communism, Reagan embodies the sentiment of many Americans, who eventually led to the demolition of the Berlin Wall.
However, there was another war among 1980 influential women across the United States. . .
War on drugs.
In a major social change, drugs are no longer just the field of college students and former Vietnam veterans.
They are now a serious problem for all sectors of society.
Cocaine is already popular with celebrities, and a cheaper version of cocaine, called crack, is turning our city into a war zone, as it was during the 1930 and no-alcohol periods.
First Lady Nancy Reagan, with her husband\'s support, promoted the \"no\" reaction
A successful drug program.
Women begin to have influence in their own rights, not just an extension of husband\'s power and prestige.
Reagan\'s British rival Margaret Thatcher continues to exercise power around the world.
She is the first female leader in Western countries and a role model for young women around the world.
Thanks to her strong leadership and opposition to communism, she won the nickname \"Iron Maiden.
\"Education and career opportunities for young women continued to expand in 1980.
1984 of undergraduate degrees are awarded to women, accounting for 49%.
In addition, in the medium term
1980 of women received a master\'s degree of 49% and a doctoral degree of 33%.
However, as in the past, only a few women worked in the fields of natural science, engineering, agriculture and law.
While our country is starting to make progress in this area, the proportion of female engineers in 1989 is still only 7. 5%.
As in the past, most women who have received college education major in education, social services, housekeeping, nursing and Library Studies.
In American society as a whole, most women who work continue to work in the traditional female profession, such as paperwork, factory work, retail sales, service work, Secretary, bookkeeper, typist, waitress chef, hospital attendant, cleaning lady worker and hairdresser.
Few women are making decisions. making jobs.
In 1988, women paid 32% less than men.
In fact, this was an improvement that began in 1970, when women earned only 49% of men\'s income.
Unfortunately, the gap is still large.
However, although women still lag behind men in many areas, feminism has not completely disappeared.
Women have been able to vote since 1920, but in 1984 a major political party chose a female candidate to run for vice president
President Geraldine Ferraro of New York
Other women are also emerging in American politics.
1981 Reagan appointed Sandra Day O\'Connor (pictured below)
Become the first woman in AmericaS.
The Supreme Court and Jenny Kirkpatrick were appointed ambassadors to the United Nations. Credit: (
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In the social change of 1980, the feminist movement revealed in another way how some women began to call themselves ladies.
Not Madame. or Miss.
They like to get rid of the marital situation with this special way of calling.
Some women also began to keep their names before marriage after marriage.
As more and more women join the workforce, they are often aware of the useSmith (
Their maiden name)
When they are at home with their family, they also protect their privacy at work.
There are other ways in American society from 1970 to 1980.
Consumers have become more sophisticated.
The clock is gone-
Jeans and ties
Many women wear dyed shirts when they are young.
On the contrary, with the election of a charming president and lovely first lady, many people began to buy European cars and designer clothing.
The house is bigger.
In the United States, many families have a high standard of living and people tend to show their success through their families, cars and designer clothes.
The Music, Film and Television of 1980 sMusic in the 1980 s seemed to be divided into two very different genres.
New waves and synthetic pop music are popular among people who are easy to listen to, while hard rock and heavy metal are beginning to dominate the musical tastes of young people.
There are many other popular music styles.
Michael Jackson reached the peak of his success in the 1980 s, when his \"Thriller\" album became the best-
Always selling albums.
Madonna is the most breakthrough female artist in her 1980 s, and she also has an impact on women\'s attitudes and fashion.
In the main films of the 1980 s, there were more female protagonists, including \"cute terms\", \"walking out of Africa\" and \"Driving Miss Daisy \".
However, there are still male heroes in most major films.
On TV, we are also starting to see more women playing the leading role, including in the show, where she writes: \"Murder\", \"Rosanne\" and \"Golden Boy \".
This marks another milestone, all of which belong to a more \"mature\" age rather than a young sexual symbol.
They are also strong, independent, capable and excellent. spoken women.
Women no longer feel like they need to be portrayed as cute, young sexual symbols, as they did on one of their more popular TV shows, Charles\'s Angels, in the 1970s s.
On the contrary, women may be overweight, middle-aged or even elderly, and still be able to maintain the attention of a typical American television audience.
In television and other areas of American society, women began to make remarkable progress.
As a mother of over 1980 children, I seem to exist in my 1960 s and 1970 s of teens and teenagers in another lifetime.
Like many young women who grew up in that time, I am now busy with my family life and care about fashion and consumer goods. (
Date and other factual sources: International Centre for Wikipedia and women)
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