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aldi’s school uniform is back and you can kit out your kids for just £4.50

by:Teesso     2019-11-15
Parents across the country can buy a unified package for their children for only £ 4.
50 games in Aldi this summer
The discount store will take back its fixed-price uniform next month, down from 5 last year.
The same price as Lidl sold its bundles last year, but it hasn\'t revealed any details about the scope this year. The budget-
The friendly package in Aldi includes two-
Polo shirt (bag)£1. 75)
A Jersey. £1)
Or a pair of trousers or a skirt (£1. 75).
It covers three children. years-old to 11.
Of course, if your child doesn\'t need a brand new set, you can also pick it out separately.
The scope will be provided to pre-
Order online from Sunday, July 7, and then log in at the Aldi store on Thursday, July 11.
Although these clothes are part of Aldi\'s professional purchase, you need to hurry up, which means that they can be bought as long as the inventory lasts.
The collection also includes jersey pants and skirts for £ 2.
79 each, and one more.
A pack of pinafores of the same fabric costs £ 6. 99.
Similar to last year, shoppers can also buy bargains on bags, shoes, socks and workbooks.
In last July, Asda launched a school uniform store where a bundle of school uniforms would set you back by £ 7. 50.
Although parents have to come up with a higher 10. 50 at Tesco.
Julie Ashfield of Aldi said: \"Parents across the UK will be familiar with the economic problems that follow --to-
School uniforms.
\"We are committed to helping reduce this concern and know how important it is for shoppers to invest in high-tech
Quality uniforms that stand the test of time.
Aldi has 825 stores in the UK.
You can find the nearest one using the it store positioning tool.
Poundland also launched the school uniform series last year, but not everything costs 1.
Supermarket of school uniform quality and high in
A test last month found that alternatives on the streets were three times cheaper.
Some families can also pay up to £ 150 for school uniforms for their children
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