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alan dershowitz claims island lady wants to assassinate him for his political views (video)

by:Teesso     2019-08-18
Speaking to Tucker Carlson last night, the high-profile legal eagle represents respected individuals such as billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who said, he was reluctant to ask Trump to be impeached immediately, making it a life to eat a $150 lobster roll --and-Efforts to die
Before starting a supposedly serious party story, Dershowitz told Carlson, \"People talk about parties as if it was a serious thing . \".
Dershowitz recalled: \"At a party at Martha\'s Vineyard this week, a woman said that if Dershowitz were here tonight, I would stab his heart through . \" Or how did he know the damn intelligence?
Read more: Members of Congress have warned that the United States will go to civil war-31% of Americans agree that the former Harvard law professor made headlines last week, because he has made it public that it may have been the worst day since Jim Cronan: Dershowitz disapproves of Mueller\'s investigation into Donald Trump, this made him an unwelcome person on a mighty island of Massachusetts. In an op-
Dershowitz said his favorite friends at Martha\'s Vineyard \"avoided me and tried to ban me from their social life\" because he defended Trump\'s \"civil liberties \".
This is especially bad news because Dershowitz moved to the rich.
People\'s Island in 2014
So now he\'s basically stuck on a poor piece of land off the coast of Massachusetts, surrounded by polo shirts --
Star chasers in yachts.
Of course, the media are very sympathetic.
Dershowitz also stood on his podium lamenting the state of America\'s regrettable freedom of expression and freedom of inquiry-although Dershowitz himself used his power and influence to suppress those, facts-
A basic point that he cannot tolerate.
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