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a wellness festival in a hospital? find out what that\'s all about

by:Teesso     2019-09-27
It\'s finally summer. There are more than 700 festivals in Ireland. Everyone has their own things.
We went to Wellfest in Kilmainham, Dublin to see what was going on.
If you want to get inspiration and motivation in a health and fitness vehicle, then WellFest, which works with KBC, is a very good start.
From the moment you walk in, you are brought into this world of vibrant sports, dance, healthy food and drinks, all set to the soundtrack of banging soundtrack . . . . . . No matter
Like a music festival, set
Up saw many stages and tents, almost full of carnival atmosphere.
In one direction, there are 50 spinning bikes running at full speed, and then there are hundreds of people banging on it (
There will be more later)
, A boogie bounce class with tunes that will make you want to jump up and down even without a mini trampoline!
This level of enthusiasm and energy may sound disgusting to some, but it is actually completely contagious.
I challenge the most cynical people and don\'t feel a little positive after participating in the event.
As you walk around the venue, it becomes more peaceful with a lot of cooking demos and vendors selling healthy and delicious items.
There are WellYoga tents that offer Zen spirits, as well as a wide variety of talk tents where you talk about mindfulness, mental health and super
A dynamic interview was conducted on some of the headlines.
Try a pilates course or take a high school course
Intensive intermittent training (HIIT)
For those of you who have never done this before, it can be daunting to learn some cracked 80 songs, but wellest makes it feel like it\'s the best fun you can\'t help but try!
Only occasionally, when schedules overlap and four or five beats attack the senses at the same time, the proximity of the fitness class area becomes a bit close.
In most cases, it\'s like at a music festival, and you want to watch a different show, except at WellFest, which is Davina McCall or Body Coach Joe Wicks.
It is the best and most interesting clean life.
It was done at 6 in the evening and left enough time to go out with friends, it was all for balance!
As an event, it\'s really refreshing that people have high levels of serum Amine when they leave the venue and don\'t stumble over canned carpets.
No doubt the highlight of the first day is Davina McCall.
For those who thought she was the host, she reminded us that it was 16 years before Brian won the championship.
She has now become a fitness master in her own way.
After working out on the main stage of thousands of people, she looked great and she was interviewed on the WellTalk stage with the same incredible Catherine Thomas (
And her lovely 7-
A week old baby does it backstage. .
There was an immediate rapport between the two, which made a very pleasant interview full of energy and emotion, while the rain outside the tent was bucrain straight down.
We started our yoga class the next day in the sun.
Being able to stand on the grounds of Kilmainham Hospital as a all-Berliner, it\'s really great to be in the sun for yoga practice, and it\'s impossible for us to ask for a better way to start a new day.
Not only do we think the environment is special, but we have heard speakers repeatedly comment on its beauty, and activities like this can only be done well by Irish people in Ireland, and it\'s definitely world class.
Body Coach Joe Wicks did HIIT exercises the next day from the main stage to the largest crowd in the history of the event.
Energy is obvious.
In an interview later in the day, he was considered a very calm and kind person, sticking to his core message of bringing fitness and health to people
He thought that thought had brought him success.
His first book sold more than 2 million copies, causing a worldwide sensation and causing widespread social attention.
There are a series of strange and wonderful sports lessons on the weekend, and we think we will create a small deception --
Paper or \"fitopedia\" that helps explain all of their contents \".
Smorgasbord is not a frequently used word, but it is absolutely applicable to the food provided by the hosts, stalls and vendors of WellFest.
All of this is healthy!
The Supervalu food College tent showcases multiple brands involved in its development projects.
They all give the sommelier a warm talk about their products.
We were very happy to interview the Food Doctor and doctor kitchen at RTE. ie/Lifestyle.
They discussed some common topics about staying healthy, so we combined the first 5 tips they got and kept healthy for you :-
It takes 20 minutes to prepare in the evening.
This makes cooking from scratch simple and quick.
Taking the time to plan the week ahead will keep you healthy. -
Master a few meals you like.
This is not necessarily complicated, but as a starting point you will be very happy with some recipes. -
Mix the fruits and vegetables you buy because they all have their own nutrients that are good for gut health and overall health.
-There is too much risk of temptation if there is rubbish there.
Take it away if you don\'t want.
-We need water in order to achieve the best function, so make sure you drink enough water every day.
No mention of happy pears, no healthy food activities are complete and they are not disappointed.
They filled their van with delicious food at the scene and offered the kids another opportunity for a novel upside down platform.
On Sunday, pear made a presentation for happy food to make the crowd scream and cheer happily!
By lunch time and by the time we had snacks, we were completely spoiled, even though the people in line had almost delivered our hungry belly to the side.
There are many coffee vendors there, but not enough to satisfy the festive audience\'s desire for caffeine, especially on Sunday morning.
The biggest line up is at a dedicated coffee vendor Frank honest and cococobrew\'s old-
Style of Volkswagen hybrid van.
For us, lunch time includes the Blazing intense salad on Saturday and the most delicious rice bowl on Sunday, but we can stay for a whole week to taste all the options.
Natural fresh ice cubes
When energy levels began to fall on Sunday afternoon, persistent organic pollutants from WellNice pops girls were a welcome way to recover.
Between inspiring speakers and healthy food clicks, we left the event with our own food ideas and motivation to start our food game!
Although Boogie Bounce and TRX may not be the tea that every pregnant woman will drink, there are a lot of expectant mothers (
They have a lot of people! )
Enjoy in the WellMum tent.
Stork Box has set up a booth where you can see their gorgeous moms, baby clothes and hospital baskets-a very convenient and smart idea!
Stork Box\'s Vicky O\'Dwyer has also delivered a talk about staying healthy during pregnancy, and there is no shortage of suggestions for exercise in speeches and classes at Platinum Pilates and FFS gyms.
Mom talked once.
An inspiring group of speakers took their own Kara Herriott to the stage to share with Erica Heon of Homespun and Milina Bourne, founder of Platinum Pilates
Right next to WellMum is the WellKids area where children can dance, play and even try yoga on weekends.
WellFest 2018 brings an amazing experience to fitness and food lovers and is also a great way to explore and try new types of exercise, fitness and wellness activities.
The only problem is the huge choice and trying to get used to it all!
If we are going to change two things next year, it will be that there will be more food stalls to reduce the queue, and there will be more toilets around the venue to meet everyone\'s needs, especially pregnant women!
We are already looking forward to next year and are also trying to find a local pound rating.
The feeling of weekend shine is that
Raising awareness of the importance of health and health this event will grow and continue to attract international stars as well as our amazing local health experts. P. s.
Other health and health activities are coming up: a number of other health and health activities will be held in the coming weeks, including WellTech, held on Tuesday, May 22 at Dogpatch, CHQ, future Health Summit 2018 at the Dublin Convention Center on Monday, May 28 and the fertility health seminar at BlackRock
In Dublin, June 17, 2018
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