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a pregnant woman is murdered, her baby cut from her body. her family blames a facebook post

by:Teesso     2019-09-28
The last time someone saw Marlen Ochoa
Lopez, she\'s been nine months. The petite 19-year-
The old left another high school in West Chicago at about 3. m.
On April 23, the black Honda Civic sedan left.
Her family got a call later that day saying she didn\'t pick her up 3-year-
Old son of daycare center
She sent her husband a text saying that she was too tired to drive any more and then disappeared.
For nearly a month, her due date has come and gone, and her family desperately begged her to come back, fearing that she would be kidnapped or worse.
Her mother Raquel urigui told reporters in tears that Ochoa-
Lopez\'s toddler refused to eat because he had been looking for her and they had to take all their family photos.
\"She can\'t disappear out of thin air,\" Uriostegui said through a translator earlier this month . \".
\"She is a very responsible lady.
She is not a person who just disappears away from home.
I can\'t believe she will leave and abandon her other son.
There\'s something wrong with it. It\'s not good.
\"On Wednesday, any hope that the teenager might still be alive was dashed when officials confirmed that the human remains found in a house in southwest Chicago belonged to Ochoa --
Lopez, her child has been torn from the womb. Ochoa-
Lopez is also known as Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui.
The Cook County forensic office says she died of a tie-up strangling, which usually involves the use of a rope or rope, and her death was ruled to be a homicide.
Chicago police chief spokesman Anthony gurgaemi told The Washington Post that her child had been taken away after being killed. Ochoa-
Authorities say Lopez\'s body was found hours after several people in the house were detained for questioning.
Three people were still detained late Wednesday, but charges have not yet been announced.
\"As if the family had gone through a horror film,\" Julie contors, the student pastor who spoke on behalf of the family, told the Chicago Sun-Times. At around 6 p. m.
In Ochoa-
Lopez did not pick up her son from the daycare center, and Chicago firefighters were sent to the same home in southwest Chicago where her body was found a few weeks later.
The phone says a newborn baby.
In the recording obtained by WLS, a dispatcher of 911 said: \"The caller gave birth to the child 10 minutes ago . \".
\"46 years old.
The baby is not breathing.
The baby is light blue.
They\'re doing CPR.
Officials told local media that the baby was in critical condition and was rushed to hospital.
According to Ochoa
Lopez\'s family is the child of the missing teenager cut off from her body.
Relatives also told the newspaper that a few weeks ago, Ochoa-
Lopez\'s Honda Civic was found abandoned a few blocks from the same house.
Parking tickets are covered.
While the police did not disclose any details of the ongoing investigation, family members said Ochoa-
Lopez was attracted to her home by a woman who met the woman through a group of young mothers on Facebook.
\"She gave the clothes away, supposedly pretending that her daughter had got the clothes, and that they had these extra boy clothes,\" said Cecilia Garcia, a spokeswoman for the family, told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.
\"We think this is a false excuse to bring her to that house.
A screenshot of the CBS Chicago show on March 6 shows Ochoa-
Lopez sent a message to now.
The Facebook group called \"Helping a sister out\" has closed down.
She wrote that her due date is coming soon and that she still needs a lot of supplies.
\"Since I\'m at school and can\'t work right now, I can\'t afford the rest of it because I\'m short of money right now, Ochoa-Lopez wrote.
The screenshot shows that another team member responded by asking Ochoa-
If she can wait a week
She claims that her daughter has extra baby clothes that never go through, and she explains, \"she\'s lucky to have two baby showers, so she just likes to spread wealth.
\"The woman said that she is located near West 79 Street and South Plaski Road, from Ochoa-
Later, Lopez\'s body was found.
She instructed the teenager to send her a message privately.
Extract DNA from Ochoa
Lopez\'s family told the Chicago Tribune that investigators were able to confirm matches with babies who were rushed to hospital in April.
Family members say the baby, called Yadiel Yovany Lopez, is receiving life support and has no brain function.
Ochoa told reporters outside the forensic office Wednesday night
Lopez\'s husband, Lopez, cried.
\"Why are these bad guys doing this? \" he asked . \"
\"She did nothing to them.
She is a good man.
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