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a drift dive with haen-yo[c].

by:Teesso     2019-09-14
In the morning, lack sent his baby girl to the swimming pool of the hotel.
As she sank into the water until her waist, her eyes widened, for the clear sky over the Far East ChinaSea, She lazily grabbed her little body and splashed her arms into the water, grinning without teeth, curious about its cold liquid hug.
The hotel is located in Sogwipo, a small town on the south coast of Jeju Island, South Korea. Jeju Island is a resort mainly visited by newlyweds from South Korea.
The honeymoon couple were silent about their late breakfast buffet and looked uncomfortable with each other\'s company.
He believes that this may be the way Korean couples, who are stiff and silent when eating, lack of knowledge, in South Korea, a strong Confucian society, the wife joined the husband\'s family as a member of the lowest level, at least before she gave birth to her son.
That sentence is: \"A Stranger in white;
Love at night.
\"Although there is a tradition of rebellion and provocation, on Jeju Island: thehaen-yo.
Free diver for women
He ordered another cup of coffee and read in his travel guide
You support their family by collecting shellfish, pearls and seaweed, and spend a long time diving freely into the depths of fover 60 feet in cold water, staying for two or three minutes at a time.
They are considered one of the best free divers in the world.
When he saw them making a voice called sumbi
Sori, a howling growling, lacks the sound of imagination.
As supporters of the family, they have become reluctant for generations to be respected, independent, tough and active.
He also read that at least one lost in the ocean every year, darkened in depth, trapped in cracks, attacked by sharks, or taken away by dangerous water streams.
Hard work.
Some may also be prior to the arrival of Confucian traditions, where women are viewed differently, to perform rituals called shamans on the island of Coates.
He heard that the children were still dancing and singing in the village, bringing them a good harvest. Guide the fishermen, purify the souls of the dead, and let them be admitted to the land of the dead.
They often just dance for the tourists.
On the way out of the restaurant that was too quiet, he saw a picture of the model wearing an old-fashioned black wet suit, wearing a mask on top of his head, smiling at the camera, slim and beautiful,
He knows Hyne-
People who work in the depths of the cold water don\'t look like this.
Jack does not work there.
He was on vacation and the reason he stayed at the hotel was that there was a dive shop in the basement.
Documents are on the wall.
Instructor, etc.
Lack of careful observation to see that each diplomat has a faint diagonal letter that says \"sample \".
Communication with the \"Dive Master\" is limited due to language barriers, but ultimately lack understanding, they will dive from the ship tomorrow and meet at the dock in the morning.
He took out a heavy diving suit and heavy objects.
Early the next morning, lack sat with anticipation on a Crete bench next to the pier, and the morning mist hung over his kit.
His eyes were swollen, his clothes and hair were wrinkled, and he mumbled and answered \"good morning \".
\"Lack stood on a big boat at the end of the pier, following the Koreans through the fog of silence.
It has a closed cabin and a rusty front deck.
He carried his equipment up to the springboard.
There are two other divers on board.
They are Japanese. They sit together and face each other with a wind gun. \"Sashimi guns?
\"Lack joked that they looked at him and nodded silently in their greetings.
He was sure they did not understand.
Divemaster\'s minimum English must be his only source of information.
But the man said nothing, just got on the boat and sat there and lit a cigarette.
The ship\'s diesel began to vibrate the deck, blowing black smoke into the lead Sky in the rain.
The crew left and they drove past the raging stone walls into the rising sea.
The ship sailed along the coast off the rocky island.
The mountains of the volcano are shrouded in dark clouds.
In the distance, Halla, on the shore of the main island, was broken by waves and lowered to a rocky cliff.
The storm is falling.
The ship bypassed the remote end of the island and entered a calm water toward the main island centered on a vast Strait.
Japanese hunters struggled to wear 5/8 thick wet clothes and hood.
As a result, 18 lbs of compensation is lacking. of lead weight.
He carefully checked the tank rack, airflow and pressure.
Absorbed pre-
Diving preparation, he did not initially notice that the diving instructor did not adapt.
When he saw the North Koreans sitting in a daze in the distance, he asked, \"Are we diving here ? \"
\"Niah, Niah, let\'s go. \" the man said. \"You no?
\"Come on, Niah . \" He motioned with his back.
His color is not good, his eyes are red and dim.
I guess he\'s not.
It\'s over, maybe drunk, maybe seasick now.
The engine rumbled and the deck shook.
The Japanese, who are now rigged, pick up their game bags and guns, jump one by one from the high deck and splash into the dark gray turbulence, the lack of lifting and fixing the strap on BC, washing the saliva from his mask, putting it on and smelling it tightly.
\"Plan your dive, dive your plan,\" he muttered, putting the silencer in his mouth.
The detective looked at him with bloodshot eyes.
One hand was on the second stage and on the mask, and the other with a weight belt buckle fiat, without turning to pull out of the high pitching deck.
The diving suit was full of cold water.
He streamed the air from bc and immediately felt the flow of water as he went down.
Visibility on the horizon is extremely small, probably only 5 to 8 feet.
At about 45 feet, he entered a thermocline and the water suddenly froze and the visibility disappeared.
The bottom appeared faintly, and Jack saw how Fassi moved.
This is at least a three-junction current.
It will be a rafting dive, and the boat follows divers, usually by tracking the bubbles they breathe out and collecting them as they surface, as there is no way to get back on board now.
Soft coral, with pale purple, blue and pink spots, gave up strangely on opaque stems, like a dreamy thick flower in the breeze.
The bottom is covered with brown algae, mottled sea urchins and shadows of kelp.
Mackerel fish and a small group of sardines swim darkly in the chaotic black rock.
A grouper swam out of his proximity.
The Lacey sea fan bends the waves in the invisible water flow.
An octopus slipped down the rock and its brown skin darkened as it disappeared into the crack.
Jack is crossing current (
Upstream is impossible)
Limited visibility back and forth at the irregular bottom.
He did not see the signs of Japanese hunters, so he had to drift alone in the cold undercurrent, looking at the strange shape and pale color that appeared under the shadow cloud.
A few minutes passed, and after a while, the bottom did not seem to move under him, and occasionally, when the larger rock appeared from the darkness in front, he only needed to leave.
It is a ghostly feeling, sliding on fragments of ancient volcanic eruptions, colored colonies of oysters, abalone, tuna without handle, waving pale corals and brown seaweed stuck togetherwater fish.
The lack of self becomes cold and numb, the insight is limited, and there is no sound other than the sound of your own breathing. His breath.
This alerted him.
He turned the console under his left arm with stiff fingers and checked his meter.
He did not realize that he was so deep that he had passed 75 feet.
He fell into araven unconsciously.
He instinctively turned left and went to the main island, extending up to shallow water along the rising bottom, watching the depth and the tank pressure gauge shine in the diffuse light.
When 800 psig was left in the tank, he began to rise.
When he rises blindly, the bottom disappears in the dark water and cannot see the surface above.
He looked at the depth gauge to control the rise, slowly rising, and after 45 minutes he breathed out in a stationary fast current, moving towards the surface.
As he stood up, he became vertical and stretched out his arm, and he was surprised when it flew into the air and suddenly went down again.
Then he showed up.
The sea rose to 5 feet, it rained heavily, it splashed the rolling sea, did not inflate BC, rode it on awave, turned around and let his bearing, and surprised how far he had drifted from the drop point.
The blurry outline of the smallffshore Island seen in the rain is closer than the main island, but he is now almost directly between there and the cliffs of the main Island coast.
He stood up again.
Without the insight of the ship, there was only the rain curtain that was tilted on the bumpy waves, with dark clouds and low.
He wondered if the crew could find him in the storm.
He continued to kick on the rising waves, hoping to look around.
He wanted it to go ashore himself.
He knew that he could not reach the island in time, because the people now would take him through the island before he could get closer.
He imagined on the jagged coast of the main island, there was a surf entrance outside of akilometer.
He thought about how long it would take to go to the Spring Village resort of shorklos.
However, before the beach pasta Rock Point, there are cliffs around it, where there are a series of waterfalls.
He didn\'t even know if it was a high tide.
He knew that it might be different to be able to land safely.
He considered playing closer to the main island, hoping to find a safe place to enter.
Somewhere there must be a secluded bay.
About 15 minutes later, he almost gave up everything on board and decided to try surfing.
He reluctantly rolled on his back and slowly kicked off to an unknown coast.
Sailin fell on his face and blurred his mask.
He was choppy in the waves, not sure if the water parallel to the coast would take him closer to the island, or take him further into the sea.
He told himself that at least he has a goal now: just to get close to the coast and find a safe entrance.
He told himself that there is no one else to rely on now, which is OK, not unpleasant, just slowly kicking my way to the shore.
He thought of his daughter\'s new discovery of the water, the day before her little arms splashed on the surface of the pool, and his planned trip to the beach tomorrow.
He decided that he would now consider these things and try to relax and save energy for admission.
But of course he can\'t make the question clear.
He must select the entry point very carefully.
Hope to be able to see the place where there is an imaginary sheltered bay where he can be beaten on a rock.
He will lose weight first.
He has not done so yet.
Close the tank once if necessary.
He doesn\'t want to lose his BC and regulators.
Against rocks with BC?
Feel for the tearing tide that might make him tired.
There are many things that can go wrong.
He hopes the ship will find him. Any boat.
He heard a faint, eerie sound, a shrill melody in the storm.
Strong breath
He didn\'t realize it,sori. A haen-
You have surfaced, a black figure, a large floating gourd with a black hood and a net basket.
She swam very close and looked up from the water.
She looked at him through an old-fashioned oval glasses mask, shook her head with a greeting, smiled, and her teeth were set in stainless steel.
She said something in a low voice that Jack could not understand.
He should catch the floating gourd, she said.
He put his hand on his BC and showed her how he was floating.
She looks suspicious.
In any case, he nodded to her gratefully and smiled at the shock she found him far from the coast.
She poked again in a bird\'s voice.
Her face was deeply surrounded by exposed things and squeezed by a neoprene cover.
Her eyes were black, tucked in the back of the mask\'s flat glass.
They played together on the gray sea.
Jack tried to show him on the boat with his watch.
She glared blankly, and said in a twittering voice. Maybe she knew.
Then he pointed to the shore and asked her where she came from and how she came back.
She motioned him again to her floats.
He finally smiled and resigned happily because he could not communicate.
Her net bag contains small abalone, oysters, blood chicken and green mouth.
He said in the pouring rain, \"you must go ashore one day, and I will go with you.
\"She blew something up with a flute, and he studied her face full of frost, and he was glad to see that they smiled at each other in the water and were politely overwhelmed. She waited.
He rode another wave and saw the boat sinking dimly in the distance, then sinking again, and when he stood up again, the boat disappeared in the rain.
Jack called and the boat showed up again when he got up again.
The crew and Japanese divers were spotted in bad weather. The haen-
She smiled like steel.
Jack waved his hand until they found him and the bow turned in his direction.
He nodded to Hyne again.
The yo-yo paddles towards the back of the boat so he can climb up the back platform.
After climbing the deck, Jack slid the rig to the deck, quickly leaned over the rails, his eyes swept over the water in the rain, blinking, his arms lifted up and waved goodbye or waved to the ship
He did not see her on the rough sea. It was evening.
The wind has passed, leaving behind a smell of damp seaweed and salt, mixed with the smell of Korean fermented garlicky fish, and the sailors say they can be in the far sea
Leaving the car rental next to theroad, Jack walks past several wooden racks with low wattage light bulbs, where some mainland tourists are eating shellfish dipped in peppers and then climbing to a secluded Little Bay.
There are many people
You mend the nets and add sticks to the fire that burns from low tide in the gathered darkness.
Some people drink alcohol, squat by the fire, and talk to each other in the dialect of the island with the mouthpiece.
Jack hovers between the black rocks on the wet beach, breathing the flavors of kimchi and kelp.
He was looking for a woman with a kind face and steel-rimmed teeth.
As he passed, the women stared at him and watched him walk into the hard country, and as they spoke, they opened their mouths to eat raw food.
A man called him loudly with questions.
He didn\'t say anything to her because he didn\'t know what to say.
Under the faint light of the fish stall, a man ate with thick Chopsticks. He said, \"This is an old woman.
Why do you look old woman?
He talked to his friends and they laughed.
You cut the abalone with a rough hand, raised your head and said something loudly, and people stopped laughing. \"Eehh . . .
He muttered.
I just want to say, kam-sa-mi-Waiting da. .
\"Ah, you saida Korean, neah? What wait for? You like-
Ahsoju, drink Niah?
Raise a bottle.
\"The beautiful sogagashi is in Sogwipo,\" he blinked with exaggeration, pointing the bottle to the lights on the coast.
\"Only the old woman,\" he laughed again.
Then he said in a low voice, \"Niah, the old woman sometimes dies in the water?
He had another drink. At Pyosun-
The next morning, \"Folk Village\" ri, amudung, was dancing on a learned step and singing with birds and flowers.
She was wearing a sacred costume: a black hat, a silk scarf tied to her chin, a short jacket with red sleeves and a green, yellow and long hard scarf on her shoulders.
The drums rang slowly and irregularly, with little drums and drums, and Aiping flute played thoughtfully on Jack\'s Western ears.
There was a short table with flowers and fruit, and she sang for the people who set the table.
The witch trembled sadly, turned her eyes, raised her arms, and turned her hands in the air as if they were moving water.
A young woman wearing a yellow hat and a blue jacket led a group of tourists from the bus to the village.
Jack asked her, \"What does this dance mean ? \"
\"Ah, yes, so this is Jeju --do Muhon-
Kurt, she answered politely.
\"The ceremony is to eliminate the bad spirit of those who died in the sea.
\"Jack stood quietly, watching the elaborate dance, aiming to purify the spirit of the drowned, to guide it to a safe place, perhaps a sanctuary, and finally there, accepted by the Land of the ancestors.
Abu Reze blew in from the North Korean Strait, gently spinning the scarf, and Amoud jumped up, and keened with sorrow and supplication, and he felt the air floating in it
\"It\'s just a show, right?
The young guide asked, \"I mean tourists ? \"\" \"Ah, yes.
\"Tourists,\" she said.
She shook her head politely and returned to her team wearing a yellow hat.
Later in the afternoon, in the fading warmth, lack and his baby daughter sat on the beach under the sand dunes.
Together they looked at the invisible horizon, blue eyes looked at the blue sky.
The girl holds the smooth sand pebbles with her little hands, a few inches away, and a small bucket of water makes her float, still sitting.
Her eyes were wide open in the cold washing, sudden movement, and clicking of pebbles, taking a sip of light rain.
She had goose bumps on her white skin, and she smiled with surprise and splashed her arms into the water.
He picked her up and wrapped her up with a towel.
She kicked her foot in the protest.
\"Come on, my girl, we will have enough time to play in the water another day,\" lack said softly to her.
\"I just don\'t know why we are doing this,\" he said to himself . \".
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