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a brief history of sporty wear

by:Teesso     2019-08-17
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This article was published in 21/3/2014 (1959 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
When we talk about sports clothing, we usually mean casual clothing born in the United States. S.
But now everyday fashion around the world.
Sportswear is a clothing used for sports activities, but there are countless links between the two.
This is a short history of sportswear.
1920 s: Coco Chanel brings this bronze-colored fashion to the public with a loose sweatshirt for the ladies suit. 1930s-
1950 s: American designer Claire McCardell pioneered a comfortable and practical outfit that includes work clothes, headscarves, superhero outfits, tent outfits, and loincloth-like beachwear.
1946: Louis Reard patent for bikini design.
1951: Lacoste polo shirt is very popular in the United States. S. from France.
1959: DuPont trademark Leica, an elastic fiber invented by DuPont chemist Joseph thurf.
This opens up a comfortable era of clothing and technological fiber innovation.
Synthetic fiber, polyurethane-
Polyurea polymer, also known as elastic fiber or elastic fiber, used for most of the clothes we wear, mixed with jeans, cotton in shirts, and T-shirts in jeans
Shirts, wool and silk have been used in recent years.
1969: ladies wear daily dubs shorts under split midi skirt \"hot pants.
\"1977: when John Travolta had a fever on Saturday night, the disco fever fueled the trend of stretching --
Fabric dance costumes such as Leotards and hot pants.
The 1980 s: The exercise boom has opened up an era of physical beauty --
And clothes to show off.
Jane Fonda perfectly embodies the ideal in her fitness video and Jamie Lee Curtis.
1985: Nike unveiled Jordan Airlines.
1998: Lululemon is based in Vancouver.
It opened its first store two years later.
2000 s: Yoga is getting hot and yoga pants are the main products of sport and fashion.
2011: Arena high launched by Balenciaga-top sneaker.
2012: New York designer Alexander Wang, known for his cool street clothes, was appointed creative director of the legendary Parisian house.
2013: the wedge sneakers of Isabel malant were widely eliminated.
Chanel\'s Jersey model and flower suit model may be the first in a premium custom dress. 2014: Sports-
Inspired Clothing is a popular trend in spring.
Chanel\'s Karl Lagerfeld wore sneakers for the model again in the fall. —
Compiled by Eva frie;
Source: California fashion (Abrams);
Fashion crash course (Books);
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