Specialized in manufacturing T-shirts for 21 years

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Louise Sanders published: EDT 08:02 February 27, 2013 | update: EDT 12: 56 March 4, 2013, she attended her first solo show in four years at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday night.
But on Wednesday, when Lily Cooper was shopping for baby clothes in the French capital, she returned to her mother\'s duty.
Apparently, she wanted her seven. week-
27-year-old daughter Marnie is dressed in fashionable clothes. year-
As she browsed the railings of an upscale Paris boutique, the old singer couldn\'t help smiling at herself.
The fear killer picked a cute French striped climbing suit with a cute polka dot bow
Details, but can\'t seem to choose between models in red or dark blue, because of her little joy.
But it\'s not all baby shopping for Lily, and Lily later went to the Balenciaga and Prada shops on St. Street
With her boyfriend.
During a short break in her parenting duties, the place to enjoy retail treatment, the motherof-
The two seem to get dizzy by a pillar.
The box red Balenciaga handbag when she walked into the store.
However, it seems that the singer\'s wise side took over her because she didn\'t seem to carry any shopping bags when she came out of the designer boutique.
Lily made sure to incorporate the background into her shopping spree and chose a typical low
She played a key role in the day\'s activities.
The star is wearing a beautiful dark blue floral-patterned dress and a chic charcoal gray wool coat wrapped in a cold winter.
Lily chose a comfortable black suede boot, which she matched with a thick black tights as she knocked on the sidewalk in the French capital.
Her dark hair scraped off her face and turned into a messy bun, and the star covered her eyes with an oversized Chanel sunglasses, when she went out with her friends, she had a big black handbag in her hand.
For the singer, it was a busy 24 hours as she made her debut at ETAM Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday night for a four-year solo performance.
Her appearance was surprising as she withdrew from her music career in 2009, claiming that she had no intention of staying in the music industry or touring again.
Lily\'s husband, Sam Cooper, traveled to the French capital with her 15-month daughter Ethel and two-month Marnie.
The star made fans happy in 2012, when she returned to the studio with her old partner, Greg Kurstin, to confirm that she would withdraw from \"retirement \".
She wrote on the Twitter page at the time: \"You will be happy to know that I am currently at the f * king studio with @ gregorkurstin.
\"It\'s not a big deal, I\'m just throwing things on the wall to see if there\'s anything to stick. (sic).
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