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by:Teesso     2019-09-16
Police are investigating the death of a new girl on the ground outside the Bronx apartment building.
Police said that when she was found in a 7-
Story building is located at 18 th Street between Sedgwick Avenue and University Highland Lorraine square, after 2: 30m Monday.
It is not clear whether she fell or was thrown.
It is also unclear whether she had died before the incident.
Local residents said they were shocked by the tragedy.
\"She is a good working woman,\" said one resident . \".
\"You never saw her in the street.
You saw her coming out of the building, in the building.
\"He is a good man,\" said another resident . \"
\"I know his family. I see him.
You know, I \'ve known him since he grew up.
I know his mother, his family.
\"No one was arrested.
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