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by:Teesso     2019-09-05
Students and teachers wear purple T-shirts, jerseys and ribbons at PS 29 on Thursday.
It\'s 37-school. year-
Old Jenny Kamata is a substitute teacher.
Purple is the color that supports victims of domestic violence.
Police say Cammarata was killed by her separated husband.
\"Jenny is very good.
She is very strong.
Her smile is contagious.
Linda Manfredi, president of PS 29, said she was quiet but she was funny.
She can tell stories and do things, and she is very popular here.
\"Investigators did not accuse Jenny kamalata of how or where she was killed, but they said that the teacher and her husband, Michael, had experienced a pain when she died.
The case has raised new concerns about domestic violence.
In this city, you see people standing against domestic violence, wearing purple signs, sending messages of solidarity to all survivors of domestic violence, but at the same time demonstrating our courage. Mayor Blasio said on Thursday.
Michael Cammarata and his girlfriend Ayisha Egea were charged last week with second-degree murder, tampering with evidence and hiding bodies.
They appeared in court on Thursday but did not look at each other.
Cammarata heads down and Egea, six months pregnant, looks straight ahead.
At the hearing, the district attorney\'s office declined to disclose the specific crimes that the local grand jury had indicted them.
This raised strong opposition from defense lawyers who asked to know before applying for bail.
However, a judge ruled that the prosecution does not need to disclose the substance of the indictment at this time.
The fact that these questions will not be answered by the DA office, says Mark Fonte, a lawyer at Egea Consulting, leads me to believe that my client has not been charged with second-degree murder.
If my client was charged with second-degree murder, DA would say so.
Cammarata and Egea will return to court in two weeks.
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