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10 amazing products for parents who just want to go the f*** to sleep

by:Teesso     2019-09-14
You\'re under a lot of pressure, you\'re very tired, put a very small person togetherhours a day.
Your house is in a mess, your hair is in a mess, your mind is fast --
You just want to sleep or sit for at least five minutes.
But since this may not happen soon, your best bet is to make things as easy as possible for yourself.
There are some great products here that may relieve stress from parents.
When you have a young child, you must seize 40 blink opportunities whenever and wherever you are.
So why not be prepared? The nights you doze off in the crib bar will be the past.
As most tired parents will tell you, the best way to be a parent is coffee, wine and chocolate.
Before I had a baby, this Little Dot product included a fantastic jersey that needed more sleep, proseck, chocolate, pillow spray and coffee milk, I didn\'t realize it was possible to have a cup of coffee in your own home.
But it does-one minute in your hands, everything is hot and glorious, and the next minute you put it down to wipe your ass, clean up your drinks, make some snacks, and get the crayons out.
Usually, I can\'t see that cup of coffee anymore.
But thanks to this, you can keep your coffee and hot at any time.
Do you want a glass of water for your child to get up 12 times? Your child has just had a \"wrong\" Cup from Jennifer Todrick and can then help.
Whether you like to \"grow up inside\" from glass, bottles or boxes, this is a perfect book.
Ladies, if you want to enjoy your wine without any complaints, lock yourself in the bathroom.
Wine Rack, candle holder and slot for your smartphone or iPad. Genius.
In fact, if you put your child in these climbing suits beforehand, you\'ll have a clean, shiny floor when you\'re done with the shower.
More now. tasking.
When you have young children, you put drinks on the coffee table and take the risk yourself.
But if you have these amazing things, you won\'t be knocked down.
For those mornings where coffee doesn\'t feel cut-make yourself a cup-the strongest coffee in the world.
It guarantees you a day (
Could keep you awake for three days.
When you sleep with a baby for a night, there is a good chance that you will not wake up and be filled with the joy of spring.
In fact, if you are like me, you are in a very bad mood when you wake up.
So, what better way to cheer yourself up than waking up to hear a rap about bacon? This is probably the most random clock ever.
Thanks to the Internet, baby experts and random strangers in the supermarket, we are overwhelmed by baby sleep advice every day.
This is overwhelming, contradictory and really annoying so why not read (my new book! Woo hoo)instead.
This humor, contrary to the \"expert\" advice, won\'t tell you how to get your child to sleep, but it will make you laugh and help you through sleepless nights.
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