Specialized in t shirt for 21 years


One-stop customization : Purchase cotton yarn and weave fabric with our machines,  then dye the fabric with custom  colors  . After fabric is ok,  we cut it with custom sizes  pattern, and print / embroidery with your logos  , then go on with sewing, ironing,  inspection , package, Finally ship them to you . 


Shenzhen Global Weiye Clothing Co.,ltd is a manufacturer specialize in T-shirt, Polo shirt, Vest, Football wear, Hoody, Sportswear, Babies' and Children's garments, etc. since 1998.

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We operate the whole process from design, weaving, dyeing, printing /embroidering, sewing, packing, to shipping, and have strong sensitivity of marketing in the garments.

There are 10,000 square meters of our factory, and we have 600 workers servicing in every process of mass production.Our production capacity is 30 million pieces per year.

What’s more,,we have the certificate of ISO9001,BSCI,oekotex100,SGS and other testing reports.All of products are environmental protection and can through Europe and the United States standard! 

Our long term customer include Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, 

Gap, Nine West, Walmart, Carrefour, Royal Queen’s POL

O team, etc.

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